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Why some of my products not accepted

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Why some of our products not being accepted by Google merchant center. It shows error on "title" section only with few products.  Please assist me in this.

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Re: Why some of my products not accepted

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We'll need more info. Can you give some example titles, and any kind of data on the disapproval? There should be a disapproval reason listed, and if you open the product profile in merchant center you should be able to hover over the "Why was this disapproved?" text to get a more in depth reason.

Re: Why some of my products not accepted

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Hi Mike,

Thank you for getting back to me quickly.

All the products have the same attributes and specs but only about 55 items
in each US feed and UK feed are being disapproved. Please check the screen
shot of one disapproved item that shows error on.

Also, we used to upload our product in the past, without any error, it was
working very fine.But, only now it keeps showing error like this.

To be more clear, I am attaching the files that I am uploading. Please
check them and let me know if there are any errors.(Now sending in Excel
format, but always, I upload them in Text file format.)

Please understand this has been an issue for about 10 days without

I request you to help me with this and sort this out.

Thank you in Advance.


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Re: Why some of my products not accepted

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@Sequin Q

I'm guessing you're replying to this through email; the advertiser community doesn't support attachments, so none of the screencaps or files came through. 

Re: Why some of my products not accepted

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Top Contributor
The best way to understand the issue is for you to export the error report within your feed.

From your original message it sounds like you have encoding issues. If for example you upload via XML than special characters need to be escaped. The easiest way is via cdata. However this is just a guessing game without knowing what the issue is.

You can upload screenshots on this community website, and or copy paste one line of your error in the downloaded error report.

Please remember this is a community and we are not part of Google.

Hope it helps.
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