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Why only one Merchant Center account per Google account?

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This error message occurs when a new client attempts to grant us access to their Merchant Center account:  "The email address is already associated with a different Merchant Center account"


I have already visited this page:

There, it clearly states that "Each Google account may still only be associated with one Merchant Center account," but I don't understand why this is the case.


I work for an agency where we require access to our client's merchant center accounts, so we are forced to create a new email address in order to access each new cleint's account.  This work-around gets us the access we require, but it seems silly that we are being forced to do this.


Can anyone explain the reasoning here?  The MCC account settings in AdWords work very well; why doesn't the Merchant Center work in the same manner?


Are there any plans to fix this?  

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Re: Why only one Merchant Center account per Google account?

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"require access"
can this be clarified somewhat -- access to what aspects of the account?

for client feeds, ftp-credentials and technical-contact-email can be used.

otherwise, a separate multi-user-access email may be temporarily added
and then removed by a client for the occasional need to access a client's
full account; the removal should negate the need for a new email per client --
although, this level of access should normally not be needed for the more
typical client feed maintenance.

otherwise, a merchant-center multi-client-account is designed
to take over a client's entire account with full and permanent
access -- and what is normally used for this level of access.

as to adwords my-client-center with respect to the merchant-center's
multi-user-access, google reads the forums -- especially for feedback
related to future features and design changes -- but they tend not to

comment on the exact internal reasoning behind their existing design

decisions or feature time lines, within the public forums.

see also