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Why is my store and products not showing in any search results?

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I've tried searching for various products that are being successfully submitted by our feed but they are not showing up in results. For example "Mountain Equipment Womens Lightline Long Jacket". Only 7 results appear on Google Shopping but none are from Wildtrak, despite this product being submitted correctly.

It appears as though none of our products are showing up on Google Shopping. Please let me know why this is. I understand there are various factors involved in ranking results, but thought we might be informed if we had been excluded completely.


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Re: Why is my store and products not showing in any search results?

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Answer from Celebird, Top Contributor

not seeing your own ads does not necessarily
mean that the ads aren't appearing to others.

repeatedly searching for your own ads in a live environment
may eventually result in you never seeing your ads -- google
may stop showing ads to people who search repeatedly but
ignore the ads; the more you look for your own ads, the less
likely the ads will be shown.

live ads are dynamic based on individual user preferences,
behavior, merchant bids and quality (scores) for a particular
auction so ads may be shown differently for each user.

the best place to look for statistics and insight about ad performance
is from inside the adwords or analytics accounts -- not live searches.

also, checking with a product-listing-ads specialist may help.

a quick checklist to consider:
(1) how many items were submitted in the feed?
(2) how many items are shown as inserted under the data-feeds tab?
(3) what does the data-feeds feed-status-summary report indicate?
(4) what does the debugger indicate for the item?
(5) what does the data-quality-tab indicate?
(6) what status is shown when searching for the item's id under the products-tab?
(7) what messages show when clicking on the item's title under the products-tab?
(8) what paid-clicks are showing for the item under the products-tab?
(*9*) importantly, is the merchant-center-account linked to the adwords-account?
(10) does the item match an active product-target within adwords?
(11) has the campaign been paused or depleted its budget within adwords?
(12) is there enough bid set to competitively participate in the auctions?
(13) what impressions or clicks are showing within adwords?
(14) is auto-tagging set within adwords and analytics active on the website?
(15) what activity does google-analytics show for adwords?