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Why are PLA items disapproved for 'policy violations' when other companies are allowed to list them?

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Received an email from Google saying my shopping feed is not valid (even though been right for over 5 years) and has been disapproved due to image voloations.


INCORRECT IMAGES (DATA QUALITY) Ads with images that violate Google Shopping Products Feed requirements are not allowed, in particular: – placeholder images; – generic images, graphics or illustrations that are not the actual product images, except for products in the ‘Hardware’ or ‘Vehicles and parts’ categories; – images containing: – service-related information ("extended warranty", "free delivery"); – promotional elements (calls to action e.g. "buy"); – service-related information ("extended warranty", "free delivery"); – promotional adjectives ("best", "cheap"), condition or compatibility ( "new", "two-piece", "adaptable"); – names and/or logos of merchants regardless if the above mentioned elements overlay the product; – watermarks with promotional elements or names and/or logos of merchants; – obstructing content (e.g. watermarks, brand names and/or logos) that overlay the product; – borders; Landing pages with no product image or placeholder images that do not show the actual product are also not allowed. For more information, we recommend visiting


I downloaded a CSV file that had over 500 products which were disapproved and we have started to go through the products and edit to suit, how ever.... 90% of the items so far picked up we have gone to change shows the product image supplied by the manufacture with no text on the image or the logos or POS starbursts or anything. All other people of google shopping selling the same items have the same image, and they not be warned (i know this because i know a couple of my competitors online personally and asked them) even worse is that one image we have had disapprove is a actual product, unboxed, assembled and photographed in our warehouse which shows the product perfectly and still disapproved! 


How can I send back the list to google they sent me and ask them to relook at the images as i believe to be false positive.

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Re: Why are PLA items disapproved for 'policy violations' when other companies are allowed to list t

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image policies have been in place for quite some time;
however, google is constantly checking and rechecking
submitted data and landing-page data for adherence to
the policies and google's automated policy detection
systems are constantly being improved and updated.

a disapproval or suspension may be flagged at any time.


multiple issues may trigger a single-item disapproval.


google compares data, images, and websites to the current policies --
the submitted data and images, as compared against other retailers,
or the length of time any item has been live/active, are typically
not taken into account and not considered during a policy review.

a best practice is to hand-inspect supply-chains, physical inventory details,
all submitted data details, all images, including any additional_image_link
images, all landing-page details, and website as a whole, against all current
policies, and fix anything that likely needs to come into compliance -- rather

than waiting for google to flag an item, image, landing-page, or website.

any one severe policy violation, too many policy violations, too frequent
policy violations, or any such policy violation that is not fixed within a
timely manner, may trigger more severe policy-flags, such as a temporary
or a permanent suspension, from the program, at any time.

any and all images submitted should reflect the exact physical item-offer,
that is being sold and delivered to the customer; approximately 300x300
pixels or so, is usually best.

submitted product images for shopping-ads with watermarks, promotional text,
calls to action, any text overlays whatsoever, fuzzy images, overlays that are
not part of the product being sold and delivered, excessive borders, multiple
offers within the submitted image, logos, brand-marks, colored backgrounds,
are all examples of what is not allowed and grounds for disapproval or a
(permanent) suspension from the program, at any time.


generally, an image should show the exact product

that is being shipped and will be received by the

customer -- other aspects of the physical product

may be submitted using additional_image_link's.

images for any variant item should be submitted with the exact color and
pattern product image, representing the exact item being offered for sale,
as a shopping-ad, with at least one unique variant-attribute value and an
identical item_group_id value, for all items within each variant group.

that said, this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum -- forum-members can mainly
offer suggestions based on the information posted here in the public forum;
posting more specific information, such as the specific attributes and values
being submitted for a flagged item, the specific landing-page and image url's
being flagged, screen-captures of the products-list data after clicking on a
flagged item and the disapproval details from the account, etc., may allow
others to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, google may be contacted directly --

potential policy violations by others may also be reported directly to google:

google is the final arbiter of all policies.