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Why My Google Shopping Campaign Has Low Conversion

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Currently, I am running Google Shopping Campaign. In that, impression and CTR is good but conversion is zero. I don't know what happen with the conversion.


Please give me some guidelines and roadmap so I can increase conversion. 


I am attaching a screen shot of last week shopping campaign data.


Screen shot of Shopping Campaign Data.png


Your feedback will be appreciated

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Why My Google Shopping Campaign Has Low Conversion

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Try to use Analytics to track your conversions. Usually users are need more time to go through funnel and your shopping ads may be just a first step. Then they compare products, search for oppinions etn and finally go back to your site via other channel like direct. Google will not count it as conversion from AdWords.

Check your multichannel funnels, I guess you will see PLA campaign as a part of some conversions.

Why My Google Shopping Campaign Has Low Conversion

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First make sure your conversion tracking is correctly installed.


Generally no sales can mean allot : 

Bad keyword matching, check your search terms to ensure they are relevant

Low Bidding

Competition is performing better

Check all data feed variables are optimized, for example ensure you have the best possible picture that describe the product.



But the search terms is your biggest area to focus on, alongside checking that your data feed information is top quality.


Hope it helps.

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