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Why Are My Merchant Center products disallowed

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Hi All, i appreciate any help anyone can offer me, I have been working feverishly to get my products into the Merchant Centre feed, but certain products keep getting disallowed! I have written and re-written the product descriptions and the titles numerous times while also changing the item_id and resubmitting the products, but every time they get disallowed. These products are available to buy on the G-Shopping feed by other merchants, so it must be something I'm doing.

I have had several - more than 10 - conversations with the guys in the Google Shopping help centre, and they can't see any issues, but also can't do any more than just tell me to rewrite the description and title, change the item id and resubmit, this obviously isn't working.

Is Google blocking the products because of the EAN number and not the description and title?

Any help anyone can offer will be extremely welcome, as there is only so many times the same product description can be re-written before I need to bury my head in a wall!

Thank you in advance,


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Why Are My Merchant Center products disallowed

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Does it say a specific element of the products are disapproved? Are any of your products being approved? 

Why Are My Merchant Center products disallowed

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Hi Nicolette,


Thank you for your reply, it say's nothing at all, just automatic policy violation, but the products are being listed by other merchants. It's crazy!


Any ideas would be very welcome,


Re: Why Are My Merchant Center products disallowed

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as described, there are likely three possibilities --


(1) the physical items are simply not allowed for the destination;
if so, all such items must be removed from all submitted data.


seeing the items on google-shopping does not in any way indicate that
a person at google has approved the items -- the items may simply have
not been flagged or removed yet and may be reported directly to google.


(2) the physical items are allowed, but only with proper authorization;

in such cases, seeing items on google-shopping indicates either proper
authorization was not obtained but those items have not been flagged or
removed yet; or, the formal authorization required was obtained through
google or account-settings (e.g. pharmaceuticals, adult products, etc.).


(3) the items are being automatically flagged as disapproved
but are not actually a disallowed physical product or category.


in these cases, about the only choice is trial-and-error.


first, be certain to verify all global-trade-data is accurate
with respect to the exact physical item and manufacturer --
including brand, gtin, and any mpn that may be submitted.


note that valid global-trade-data can never be self-assigned by merchants --
simply be certain that the data is accurate with respect to the manufacturer.


there are many trigger-words, that google will never divulge, that
may cause items to be inappropriately flagged; in such cases,
changing the order of words, the words themselves, or using
a very different set of phrases, for both the title and description,
and all other attributes that may trigger a miss-categorization  --
such as the product_type, google_product_category, etc. --
is about all that can be done.


typically, using a different id is also required to force a review;
e.g. abc123uk-1, abc123uk-2, abc123uk-3, etc.

note that each re-review may take 72-hours or so.


if the items cannot be flagged approved via trial-and-error
after a reasonable period of time, then the items should
still be removed from any submitted data to avoid a more
permanent disapproval or suspension.


also, forum-members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --
forum-members usually require a lot more specific information to offer
more specific suggestions.


Why Are My Merchant Center products disallowed

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Hi Nicolette,

Thank you for your very detailed reply, that is exactly what I was hoping for. However, it raises a few more questions...

In reply:

1. It could be that the products are simply not allowed, but there are over 20 different sellers of various types and brands of the products I wish to sell, some of the sellers are very large multinational organisations, and the listings have been there for at least six months, I suspect they have been there for years.

2. How do I find out from Google what authorisation is needed? We are an organic licensed, manufacturing accredited company and I am confident we can provide any certification/authorisation documents needed, If only I could find out what they are and where to submit them. These products are health supplements, and I realise this puts them in a high-risk category, but we are not a drop shipper or marketing agent, we are the authorised and accredited manufacturer.

3. I have tried rewriting descriptions and product titles numerous times if I proceed with this am I in risk of getting our entire shopping feed suspended or even disallowed permanently?

All the GTIN data is registered by us as we are the manufacturer of the products, these are our brand products.

I have removed all the trigger words I can find; we only talk about the plant and how it's grown, being extremely careful not to make any claims at all. Far less than any of the currently displayed products and stating/claiming.

I really appreciate your help and knowledge,

Thank you, RC

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Re: Why Are My Merchant Center products disallowed

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first, you're welcome -- the reply's contents seemed
to be to celebird, not nicolette, despite the greeting.


generally, healthcare is a very sensitive subject with google.


(1) while seeing others on google-shopping may help to deduce some information,
google does not compare a violation to others -- but to the submitted data, the
physical items, the site and business associated with the data and the policies.


mentioning other merchants or other merchant's
products to google will usually not help a case.


(2) depending on the ingredients in the physical item, or ingredients
or any claims mentioned or implied, in the submitted data,  or on the

website, such items could be flagged as requiring authorization, or

simply not allowed.


claim related language is usually the most likely suspect.


google gives a list of types of ingredients and suggested, related,
categories of health products and ingredients that are not allowed
but will not publish the full, exact, list to the public; e.g.
anything flagged as anything but green by is also a suspect.


if the content is the issue then simply rewrite the content or delete the item.


if the product or any ingredient is allowed only with pre-authorization, then
depending on the target-country, google typically requires (a) accreditation
or license from a google-recogized body/program such as napb/vipps, and

(b) pre-approval by a person at google using their official form:
note that google may have stricter requirements that what is needed legally;
that is, google may require such accreditation for certain types of products
or ingredients even if the accreditation is not required by other authorities.


if the physical product or any of its ingredients are not allowed
or requires authorization by google that cannot be obtained,
then all such items must simply be deleted or risks a suspension.


importantly, any claim related language can still result in disapproval or
suspension -- despite having any such accreditation or official approval.


more generally, any product or ingredient that has a track-record of having
claims, especially medical or health related claims, that are controversial
or are not clinically proven, may be flagged by google -- regardless of what
content is being submitted.


also, only information about the specific physical product can be submitted --
any ancillary information, such as plant facts, are generally disallowed.


(3) yes; too many disapprovals or too frequent disapprovals over time
can trigger a permanent suspension from the program -- at any time.


related, there is usually some unpublished limit on how many times
a disproved item can be resubmitted for review before google will
simply permanently disapprove the item, regardless of any changes --
on order of three to five.


as to gtin, self-assigned global-trade-data is generally not allowed --
unless the item is being sold by other merchants or manufactured
for global-trade, then google may require the item to be submitted
with identifier_exists set to no and without gtin, without any brand,
and without any mpn data, whatsoever.


of course, with more specific information, such as the site url, exact submitted
data, etc., other forum-members may be able offer more specific suggestions.


this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum and forum-members can mainly offer
suggestions based on the information posted here within the public forum.


google is the final arbiter of all policies.


Why Are My Merchant Center products disallowed

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Thank you Celebird, and apologise for the mix up last time.


Your information is amazing, and much more than I can get from the Google call centre, they just keep telling me to resubmit the products with a different id, indefinitely!


The links you have provided me with invaluable, and if I had had those from the start it would have made writing my descriptions a lot easier.


I am hesitant to add our website Url or the products we are having issues with in case they turn up in a Google search, is this forum Noindex?


I can't tell you how much I appreciate your energy in providing me with your replies. There is certainly a lot of information to digest. After I have time to digest it all I'm sure I'll be back with more questions.


Kind seasons wishes, thank you again,





Why Are My Merchant Center products disallowed

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first, you're welcome and thank you for the kind words.

this forum is very public and can be indexed by google and other search engines.


Why Are My Merchant Center products disallowed

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Hi , I have the same problem and they can't give me a reason why my products are not aproved but keep telling me to change descripion and titles . I would change them but I don't know witch words to get rid of .

It is so confusing , so if somebody can help us would be great. 

I have read the posts in this treat but nothing to help me a all .

My products are beauty creams and shampoos .

Thank you guys 

Why Are My Merchant Center products disallowed

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Hi Vasile,


I took Celebird's advice and stopped resubmitting my products, Google telephone support told my to keep trying and I must have tried them 7 or 8 times, editing the description and titles each time, when Celebird said 2-3 was the max I panicked and just accepted that I can't list my products on Google Shopping, which is disappointing when I see all my competition listing identical products. It's only about 10% of my products, so I decided to stop and save the 90% rather than getting my account banned permanently.


However, I would still really like to get them submitted so if you hear of a way please let me know.


I wouldn't mind so much if it were the same for everyone, but when you are in the health sector, it feels like a lottery, with no rules provided on how to play.


I think this is massively unfair, and also throws us into the hands of unscrupulous consultants, I have paid three over £2000 between them, and I'm no further on. All of the consultants had Google Approved banners and certificates all over their office and websites, but actually they know very little more this forum will tell.


Google's shopping feed rules seem to play into the hands of those more interested in finding tricks and hacks or have the resources to get into Google, rather than a small business focused on developing new and innovative, organic and ethical products.


A clear set of rules which everyone could follow would be the obvious way to achieve equality, but it doesn't appear that anything has ever been published or is adhered to on a 'one for all' basis. It may be different for other sectors or those with deeper pockets; I don't know.


Good luck.