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Where to find merchant credentials?

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I would like to setup a donations system with Google wallet. I am following the instructions at:

Does anyone know where to find the 'Merchant ID' and 'Merchant Secret'? Are these credentials accessible via a dashboard?

  • Merchant ID — referred to as MERCHANT_ID in this page
  • Merchant Secret — referred to as MERCHANT_SECRET in this page

Thanks in advance


Note * I already have an account at: But I can not find the Merchant ID and Merchant Secret

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Re: Where to find merchant credentials?

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that last url is for a merchant-center-account --
and has nothing whatever to do with the
google-wallet-api or merchant-account
information required for the wallet-api.

for wallet-for-business issues, google may be contacted here:

the wallet-api forum is now part of stack-overflow:

unfortunately, this forum has nothing whatever to do with
google-merchant-accounts or any google-wallet related issues.

this forum relates to *purchasing* advertising, mainly
for selling tangible-goods via a merchant-center-account.

a google merchant-center-account and a
google merchant-account are not the same --
the two features simply have very similar names.

see also


Re: Where to find merchant credentials?

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Thanks a lot : )