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Where is the link to check quality in merchant center?

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I do not see a link to check quality. My feed was apprived just last night. I submitted 2 items a first and a second quality of the same product but only the first is displaying in products- although each is submitted as an individual product with their own id numbers.

Does the quality button show after the 24-72 hour wait ? I am not seeing it.

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Re: Where is the link to check quality in merchant center?

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a physical inventory item may be listed in the feed only once --
or is otherwise a policy violation and grounds for removing the

product from the auctions, disapproval, or suspension from the

program, at any time.

there is a one listing per (physical) product policy.

if the same product is listed twice in the submitted data
then, one of the items should be deleted and the feed
resubmitted to avoid a future disapproval or suspension.


a best-practice is to use both letters and numbers for id; e.g.
rather than simple integer values -- especially if a spreadsheet is used.


generally, be certain that only one, single, live,

standard, products, data-feed is registered --

also, there is no such status as approved --
the feed, items, and website are constantly
checked and rechecked for policy issues.

typically, issues are flagged as google crawls the website
and inspects the submitted data against the data on the
website and against all rules, specifications, requirements,
recommendations, and policies -- typically 24-72 hours or
so after the feed is resubmitted or as google sees fit.

quality issues are usually reported under the diagnostics tab
of the merchant-center-account -- by clicking on the blue or
flagged current-issues boxes and then clicking the individual
issue, effected-items, or learn-more, links;

the registered feed must be resubmitted at least monthly and
whenever a change to the site or physical inventory occurs.


see also


Re: Where is the link to check quality in merchant center?

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There is no quality button.

If you want to ensure that your data feed has good quality you can check the diagnostic tab in Google Merchant.

To ensure best optimized data feed is to read lots of articles and cross reference the information you receive. I suggest (I know this is not directly helping you), but to search for as an example

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