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Where do my products display?

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I'm fairly confused & this is probably very simple. I've set up my Merchant account. I've published a couple products. Where do they display? When I check Google items (web search) it says they are all Sponsored. I wasn't prompted to provide any credit card information to set up the account so I'm wondering exactly what I have with this Merchant Center account? Sorry if I'm missing something clear & right in my faceSmiley Happy


Update: And I just noticed I was moved to an AdWords page from the Merchant Center? Does the Merchant Center do anything without AdWords? Just trying to get a clear picture of exactly what the Merchant Center is, what I can/cannot do with it, and whether I need to also do something with AdWords as a requirement for the Merchant Center to have any use.

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Re: Where do my products display?

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Hi PoshWearhouse.
Welcome to the community.

Yes, both are related. Merchant Center is where you add and manage your products. However, to get them to display in Google Search results or in some country's google.xx/shopping search results, you need to set up a paid AdWords campaign called a "Shopping Campaign". (These used to be called PLA campaigns but they are being phased out).

You can learn more about it here:

You can learn how to set up your first campaign here:

It has been a VERY long time since it was possible to get free traffic from Google shopping and merchant center. You MUST pay now if you want to use this service.

Re: Where do my products display?

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Gotcha! Thanks so much for the clarity…looks like it's time to set a budgetSmiley Happy