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Where am I going wrong with the merchant spreadsheet?

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I am at the end of my wits.


Please can someone help me


Here is the spreadsheet:

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Re: Where am I going wrong with the merchant spreadsheet?

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Hi Sunny
First of all, you never provided any error message.
I'd be more concerned about what you're selling.
I'd pay a LOT of attention to this policy document:

Remember, just because someone else is doing it or temporarily getting away with it, doesn't mean you can.
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October 2015

Re: Where am I going wrong with the merchant spreadsheet?

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thank you for sharing the link to the spreadsheet feed.

(1) delete all rows except the first two --
only the first-line header (attribute names)
and a list of on-hand physical inventory,
product data, are allowed in a products-feed.

(2) price must be a number, space, and a valid three-letter iso currency; e.g.
199.99 GBP

(3) a google_product_category value must be exactly as google defines; e.g.
Health & Beauty > Personal Care

only a product_type value may be just about any relevant category.

(4) delete the cell containing the words free shipping --
promotional text is not allowed and cannot appear
anyplace within a products-feed.

the products-feed is simply a list of on-hand physical inventory --
all data must describe the physical item or how the physical item
might be used, conform to the rules and policies, and adhere to
all the feed specifications.

(5) valid shipping may be either set in the account or submitted
as a valid shipping value within the data-feed; by default, a valid
shipping value must contain three (3) colons, exactly as google
defines for the target-country in the products-feed specification.

an example of a valid shipping value
for a tab-delimited or spreadsheet
feed, for a u.k. registered feed is:
GB:::0.00 GBP

all submitted data must conform to all google's rules, policies,
specifications, and guidelines, for the type of item being sold --
the website and feed must conform to all the rules and policies.

(6) a link to an example valid spreadsheet data-feed with those values:

as an aside --

(a) the entire checkout process-flow must be ssl/https secure --
collecting any user data on an unsecured link is a policy violation and
grounds for disapproval or suspension from the program, at any time.

the choices usually are to either not collect any user information,
whatsoever, on the website and use a (ssl/https) secure third-party
for the entire checkout process, including all data collection -- or,
add https/ssl to the all the website's checkout-pages.

(b) most all products submitted or on the claimed website that are
related to the simulation of tobacco-smoking fall under restricted
products, are not allowed, and can trigger a disapproval status or
a suspension from the program, at any time.

see also

Re: Where am I going wrong with the merchant spreadsheet?

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thanks very much. this seems to have worked