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What type of Google PLA ad is this?

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A non-relevant shopping ad is appearing for my clients brand name. My client wants to outbid the ad but none of the google ad support employees I spoke with could help me figure out what the ad type is called and how we can outbid it.
The ad currently being displayed has absolutely nothing to do with our brand or our products. This is creating a poor user experience on Google search when people search for our brand.

The ads look like this ( On mobile the ad takes up almost all the space above the fold, and on desktop it takes up the whole top right of the page.
Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.
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Re: What type of Google PLA ad is this?

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that looks to be a compare-prices-snippet (card) --
the specific compare-prices page on google-shopping
can sometimes be seen by clicking on the view-all,

online, nearby, or similar link, depending on where

the snippet is displayed.

essentially, a product-listing-ad.

google is constantly experimenting with both
the format and display of product-listing-ads.

if the search-term used is trademarked then,
the trademark owner may contact google for
an investigation; although google recommends
contacting the advertisers directly to resolve
such legal related issues.

generally, relevancy is determined by the search-terms used
and search-history of the user, global-trade-data, all the data
submitted by a merchant or marketplace (seller), and many

other factors related to quality.

both the bid and quality determine outcomes in the auctions.


as an aside, a nearby link usually displays the product-listing-ad

from merchants who have a brick-and-mortar store and are also

participating in the google-local-shopping program.


Re: What type of Google PLA ad is this?

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Thank you for confirming Celebird! The search-term they are advertising for is a trademark however they're not using our trademark in the ad.

My concern is the ad is very large, it has nothing to do with my brand and I can't outbid it. Would you suggest contacting google ad words or reporting the ad to google legal team?

Thank you again for your help!

Re: What type of Google PLA ad is this?

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first, you're welcome.

the trademark owners or their authorized agents

may certainly contact google for an investigation.

generally, if the trademarked-term corresponds to the product being sold,
the term does not also have a more ordinary meaning, or the advertised
product is counterfeit, the more likely the items will be disapproved or the

merchant suspended from the program entirely.

of course, google is the final arbiter of all policies.

since this looks to be a product-listing-ad,
submitting both forms may be prudent --


if the corresponding compare-prices-page on google-shopping

can be displayed as well then, there should be a send-feedback

form near the very bottom of the page, that may be submitted --

or the send-feedback form near the bottom of the results page --

if the only issue is with the ad's layout then, that is likely the

best route since individual merchants cannot affect the basic

format or display of product-listing-ads.

see also

Re: What type of Google PLA ad is this?

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Thank you so much Celebird! We have filed both complaint forms as well as sent feedback for the pages.

Unfortunately, it seems like our brand is apart of some new google ad type. The concerning thing is no other brands within our niche have an ad showing like this for their brand and even when we increase our bid we can't take over the ad spot. A combination of unfair competition as well as misrepresentation/passing-off.

Thank you again for your help Celebird! If only Google Adwords representatives were as helpful as you :-)

Re: What type of Google PLA ad is this?

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first, you're welcome again.

if the items are part of the compare-prices snippet (card) then, a
bid is not the only factor in determining (taking over) those slots.

importantly, all global-trade-data submitted must be accurate,
from the manufacturer, and identical for all merchants selling
the same item-offer -- typically, only items with the same, valid,
global-trade-data will be within the same compare-prices group.


the updated policies require that merchants submit valid manufacturer's

global-trade-data if valid manufacturer's global-trade-data currently exists.

quality is also involved -- which includes historic click-through-rates,
the quality of all attributes submitted (in the data-feed) as measured
against google's current specifications, the relevancy of all submitted
data as measured against the item's physical characteristics or how
the physical item might be used, the website and link landing-pages,
ecommerce checkout-flow, and other qualify factors such as ratings,
reviews, merchant-promotions (program), etc.