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What to do if product does not have UPC, MPN or GTIN?

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I am an ecommerce store only, not bricks and mortar and I keep getting GTIN errors on my product feeds, my products don't have GTINs, what do I do?


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Re: What to do if product does not have UPC, MPN or GTIN?

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all items submitted as in stock must be kept physically in your inventory --

google does not allow the promotion of items which are not kept in stock

by the merchants who sell them.


if the items being submitted have been assigned the required, proper, valid,

global-trade-data (mpn, grin, brand) then the required, proper, valid, values

must be submitted -- as assigned by the manufacturer -- to the exact item

being sold and shipped to the customer.


if valid data currently exists, simply not having access to the global-trade-data means

that such items simply cannot be submitted, until the proper, required, data is located.


however, if the items being submitted have not been assigned proper,

valid, global-trade-data (mpn, grin, brand) by the brand-manufacturer

then, simply do not submit any brand, gtin, or mpn for that item and

submit the identifier_exists attribute with a value of FALSE


never invent, approximate, or self-assign any global-trade-data --

google does not require global-trade-data if valid data does not

currently exist.


importantly, the type of item determines what global-trade-data

is required (or not required) to be submitted; for example, most

apparel (clothing) items require only a valid brand