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What may be the reason of PLA Showing Incorrect Shipping Information?

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Hello Guys,

My website URL:

We are the marketplace with more than 1,000,000 product listings. Currently we use Google shopping API for providing product specifications to Google for PLAs. But I don't know why Google shows incorrect shipping charges for many of the products. I believe that Google calculated shipping also works the same way as we or other marketplace like eBay do. Look at the below screenshot where I searched for a product in Google shopping and found there is difference between the shipping price of TrueGether and eBay. Although we have verified that eBay uses the same set of parameters as TrueGether for calculated shipping yet the shipping price of eBay is less as shown by Google.shipping.pngWrong shipping TrueGether VS Ebay

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What may be the reason of PLA Showing Incorrect Shipping Information?

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first, be certain that each individual-seller is being added
under a separate sub-account, under the primary-account,

for the marketplace.

then, navigate to the appropriate sub-account, under the primary-account,
within the merchant-center, and verify the shipping that is being submitted,
processed, and calculated -- by clicking on the item's title, under the
products-tab, and carefully inspecting the shipping-calculator, for that
specific item.

note that any shipping set in the account,
for the target-country, will override any
submitted shipping -- and shipping may

change based on the user's location.

otherwise, the api forum is currently here:!forum/google-content-api-for-shopping

currently, there is no way to inspect everything another marketplace
is setting within their account, or submitting to google, for shipping.