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What is the difference between a dynamic search ad and a shopping ad?

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I am trying to decide if my client will benefit from dynamic search ads.  They currently have shopping ads that are doing very well, but our text ads are performing poorly.  So I'm just wondering if that could mean that dynamic search ads would be a good fit for them or not?

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Re: What is the difference between a dynamic search ad and a shopping

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Good question. I have several clients in which I have scaled back the Text ads for the very same reason in which Shopping is creating a fantastic ROI and am shifting bids and budgets to shopping.

At the end of the day it's about ROI. If shopping is winning, work with shopping and adjust accordingly.

Now to the basis of your question, with Dynamic ads help. or be a good fit, - simple answer is it depends and only you can determine that by doing a small test, or doing intense research into what the competition looks like and the results look like for many of your terms.

Is shopping taking up the TOP OF THE Page Results?
Are your texts ads in positions 3-7?

When your ad appears even lower because of a shopping result display, it won't matter in all honestly if the text ad is displayed from a dynamic query or for a regular query.

Personally I have some dynamic ad groups along with text ads, and shopping ads and the Dynamic performance is the worst of the bunch will shopping is a running away success.

But at the end of the day, all you can do it TEST for yourself, based on your Bids, your product and your competition. There is not going to be a ONE Right Answer. it's up to you to TEST and see what is right for your campaigns based upon your parameters.

Re: What is the difference between a dynamic search ad and a shopping

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Hi Nichole,

In addition to what above said, I would like to say, Dynamic Search Ads, is generally helpful to bring addition traffic on those keywords, which you have missed to target in your normal search text ads campaigns.
Also in DSA you can set a lower Max Bid, it will give you additional traffic at cheaper rate. After running the DSA campaigns, you can find the list of keywords that you can add in normal text ads campaign as a Positive or negative keywords. Thus I would suggest you that DSA is suitable for your business.

Please read more about DSA campaigns and its advantage here:-

--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: What is the difference between a dynamic search ad and a shopping

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note that a dynamic-search-ad emphasizes the website (landing-pages);
be certain that the site landing-pages are well written -- both technically
and with respect to relevant, targeted, content.

in theory, a product-listing-ad and dynamic-search-ad
are good fits since both require focused landing-pages --
however, since a data-feed is a subset of a landing-page
a well performing product-listing-ad does not necessarily
mean a well performing dynamic-search-ad will follow.

always measure results before, especially during,
and after any campaign is run; be ready to pause
any campaign that is not performing well or not
meeting your advertising goals or objectives.