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What is the cause of poor performance?

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I have tried everything. I have unique descriptive titles and descriptions, high bids, good landing page with microdata, but my shopping ads always perform poorly.

I always get low impressions, low ctr, and high cpc. I have followed every guideline set by google and followed all of the tips from many ppc blogs, but nothing has worked.

Any suggestions? 

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What is the cause of poor performance?

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performance in the auctions is determined by the bid and quality factors.

based on what has been posted, this usually means either the
industry or product-line is extremely competitive and often
the quality-factors related to the specific business, prices,
or related shipping-costs, are uncompetitive in some way.

also, be certain that poor performing items, poor quality data, or
searching for your own items over and over again, are not pulling
down the campaign's overall quality.

also, be certain there are no targeting or promotion techniques
that may be used to help increase the overall quality or quality
of specific items -- e.g. better negative-words, scheduling, etc.

also, consider removing poor performing items,
in favor of listing only better performing items.

however, forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based on the information
posted here within the public-forums; posting much more specific information may
allow others to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, google may be contacted directly so that
a merchant-center shopping-ads specialist can look
into all submitted data and accounts.


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