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What happened to the Free Delivery label under the thumbnail?

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I've been away from adverting on PLA for a few years. I'm pretty sure back then if you had a product with Free delivery, these two words would show under the product photo in the results.

I'm UK based and by chance I had a look at and they do indeed show free delivery.

Why would google not show this?

My prices are higher to incorporate free delivery and thus hurting my CTR and sales.

Thanks for reading this.

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Re: What happened to the Free Delivery label under the thumbnail?

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google may sometimes decide to display free-shipping
with respect to either automated-extensions, or the
merchant-promotions-program, in certain ad contexts.

for automated-extensions:
(a) be certain the shipping-price is to set to zero, for the item,
within the merchant-center, or submitted, per-item as an override;

always verify shipping by clicking on the item's title within the

products-lists-tab and inspecting the shipping-rate-calculator.
(b) be certain free-shipping, or any shipping information, whatsoever,
is never mentioned, anyplace else, in any other submitted data --
such as the title or description.
(c) be certain automated-extensions have not been opted-out in the ad-account.


for the google-merchant-promotions-program, be certain

the promotion is up-to-date and there are no policy flags.

otherwise, google may or may not decide to show free-shipping,
depending on the context of the shopping-ad -- google does not
guarantee that free-shipping will be shown for a particular item,

even if all criteria have been met.

google is the final arbiter of all format and display of shopping-ads.

see also


Re: What happened to the Free Delivery label under the thumbnail?

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Thanks, I have met all the above!

To me it seems nobody for anything is displaying with Free Delivery, whereas in google ie everything which is free delivery is showing as free delivery.

Seems one rule for the UK and another rule for other countries.

Are you able to confirm yourself if you are able to find even 1 advertising being able to display the words Free Delivery in google shopping UK, just by typing in random kws?

I'd be really interested to know this from you.

Finally how about the USA, do you guys get the Free Delivery under some thumbnails in the search results?

Thanks again for reading & responding!