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What SSL Type should I select for PLA Ads

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What type of SSL certificate I should choose to start Google Shopping Ads (PLA ads)?


There are several type of SSL certificates like different hosting packages.

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Re: What SSL Type should I select for PLA Ads

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Normally a basic SSL is ok, but have never come across a minimum requirement for SSL. Simply ensure it's a modern encryption. Most my clients have GeoTrust.

If you look at the basic one here, you might be able to compare.

Hope it helps.
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Re: What SSL Type should I select for PLA Ads

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As Emmanuel suggest, the basic domain validation SSL certificate will work to start with PLA. Here the criteria is; your transaction should be done on HTTPS and the motive will be fulfilled with simple domain validation SSL certificate which is easily available from $8 to $15 a year.

If you have budget; i recommend buying EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificate for eCommerce website. Here Symantec has nicely explained the impact of EV SSL certificate on sales and user's confidence.

Re: What SSL Type should I select for PLA Ads

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Is SSL required for starting PLA account and adword advertising?... Should we upload data feed with https or http is enough?
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Re: What SSL Type should I select for PLA Ads

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the only requirement for ssl/https is for user data collection --
such as collecting email addresses or credit-card information;
typically, during e-commerce checkout.

otherwise, there is absolutely no such requirement for ssl --
e.g. https is not required for submitting data (feed) uploads.


if there is any user data collection, whatsoever, on the site --

such as an email-address, street-address, etc., then, those

pages must be https/ssl secure.

typically, if a third-party is handling the entire checkout-flow

and there is no user data-collection within the website then,
there is no need for https/ssl.

using https/ssl is simply a best-practice; but, is
otherwise only required for user data-collection.

as an aside, google-organic-search recommends https in general --

but this is also simply a best-practice, not required in any way,
and has nothing whatever to do with merchant-center policies.