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Website Needed?

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Hello All,


I would like to start my small business with Google Merchant. But somehow I am confused if I need a website in order to upload my products successfully? I was able to create an account by skipping the "Enter your website" column. But while adding details for my product in the google merchant center feed spreadsheet, it is asking me to enter a link for the product which resides within the claimed website domain. But I don't have a website so does that mean that I cannot upload my products without a website? 




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Website Needed?

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Hi @Bako P,


You do need a website. When someone clicks on your ad, you will need a place to send them to so they can view your products/services. 


You can learn more about Google Shopping Ads here


You can promote your business without a website with Google AdWords Express, which could use your G+ business page. 


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Website Needed?

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Hi @Bako P,


Google Merchant Centre is where you create lists of products to be used in Google advertising, like Google Shopping or Dynamic Remarketing. These are just lists of data.


If you would like you ads to appear in Google Shopping, there are multiple options:


Build you own website with a shopping cart - there are free CMS products and plugins to achieve this, but you will need to pay for hosting. Then pay for Google Shopping ads.


Use a service like Shopify or BigCommerce (paid but they have free trials) where all you need to do is add your product information. Then pay for Google Shopping ads.


Use a service like eBay where all you need to do is add your product information. The service might show your ads on Google Shopping as part of their service.


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Re: Website Needed?

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as was indicated, an e-commerce website is required for shopping-ads.


shopping-ads are mainly for retail merchants, that have tangible, physical,
on-hand, in stock, inventory, that is in the merchant's possession, and can:
- be purchased on a functioning e-commerce website,
- using an online shopping-cart,
- with an https/ssl secure checkout-flow, and
- delivered to customers, within a target-country, in a timely manner.


the e-commerce website must be verified within
google-webmaster-tools (google-search-console)
and claimed within the merchant-center-account.


then, the list of on-hand, physical inventory must be resubmitted using
the merchant-center, at least monthly, or whenever a critical change to
the site or physical inventory occurs -- shopping-ads are based on the
submitted inventory product-data and configured shopping-campaign.


each link url points to a landing-page on the website, one product per page.


the cost is per-click.


see also