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Volusion APIs and Google Shopping Feeds

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How do I delete a previously uploaded FTP file from Volusion API?

Ex:  "Published to Google" from Volusion Google Merchant API.  That file is now in my Google Shopping Adwords with out of date stock.  I would like to get rid of it and manage my Google shopping file feed through manual uploads.


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Re: Volusion APIs and Google Shopping Feeds

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there are two separate pieces --

(1) the ftp upload via the third-party (volusion):
this must be stopped first, directly from volusion;
the best course would be to contact volusion support
to ask for the instructions to stop ftp upload from a
volusion account and your volusion-account in particular.

(2) the registered feed within the merchant-center-account:

(a) if id values for all inventory items and feed file-format are
kept the same (when manually uploading the feed) then there
is no need to delete the feed -- after ftp-upload has been stopped
simply login to the same merchant-center-account and upload the
updated file manually, using the same registered file name.

(b) if id values or the feed-format is new then, after ftp has been
stopped, simply login to the merchant-center-account and delete
the currently registered feed; then, wait 72-hours for all items to
be removed from the account and register a new feed (only once)
and continue to re-upload the feed using the newly registered file.


to remove a registered feed -- navigate to the data-feeds tab

in the merchant-center and click the x on the right-hand-side.

note that this will likely trigger a re-review of all products
and the entire website by google -- which can take a few
days or so after the data has been successfully processed.

also, the linked adwords account may require
changes to the campaign and trigger items to

lose their quality and performance history --

depending on the new feed's details.

if possible, the best likely course is also to post
within the volusion forums for help from other
merchants who may have already managed

the same similar transition.


since this is a volusion shop -- be certain that no physical

inventory items are also within ebay and submitted as a

product-listing-ad, to avoid disapproval or suspension.


a test feed may also help in the transition --

see also