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Viewing live Shopping ads

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I didn't think it was possible to see Shopping ads live (much like you can view Search ads, or preview them) when plugging in my brand name or product name into Google Search.  I do see when I plug in the brand name that our products come up, but these are our products sold by other vendors.  I thought it was a matter of where the Shopping ads ranked whether or not they appear in Search results.  Is there a way to see them in results? 

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Re: Viewing live Shopping ads

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yes, there is no equivalent to the ad-preview-tool for product-listing-ads.

a product-listing-ad shows based on the bid,
quality, and winning a slot in the ad-auctions.


generally, google-search has far fewer ad-slots than google-shopping

so requires a much higher bid or much higher quality or both, to show

for the same search-term, for product-listing-ads.

currently, about the only way to verify product-listing-ads are showing, is to
inspect the impression and click data directly within the shopping-campaign --
not actual searches.

importantly, searching for your own items or the same or similar items,
especially over and over again or without positive (click) actions, can
adversely effect long-term auction performance, rank, and cost-per-click,
by lowering click-through-rates, as no positive actions are taken when
ads are shown; such items may also be removed from those auctions.

yes, other campaign-types do have the ad-preview-and-diagnostics-tool
to help display ads without such penalties -- currently, product-listing-ads
have no such equivalent tool; highly ranked product-listing-ads may show
on google-search if the ad-preview-tool is used, but the results are less
than useful with respect to google-shopping.

product-listing-ads are not guaranteed to show for any specific search-term --
an ad's impressions and clicks can only be checked directly within the account.

Re: Viewing live Shopping ads

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Have you checked to see if your products are being grouped in with your competitors PLA's? Sometimes there will be a single PLA for a product with multiple vendors listed, if you open the ad you can see all the vendors offering it and you may be one.

@Celebird covered everything else with his response. The lack of an ad preview tool or any kind of ad rank or placement metric is frustrating, hopefully something like that will be rolled out this year as part of their improvements to Google Shopping. Or at least some separate metrics or bids for the SERP PLA auctions which seem to operate based on whimsy and and a spin of the roulette wheel.