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Very few sales/clicks in the early part of the day?

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I'm a bit new at this so bear with me.  My google shopping campaign has been going sin early April.  My website sells auto parts and I am on the east coast.  I seem to have a few clicks/sales in the early part of the day and more in the late afternoon/evening (eastern time).  How do I know if this is just characteristic of my product and the buyers?  Can my max cpc being low or high cause me to not show up until later in the day?  


Thanks for any insight you guys can give.

Re: Very few sales/clicks in the early part of the day?

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Product conversion will fix based on the following elements,

1. category
2. Product title
3. Description
4. Attributes
5. landing page optimization
6. Price

Here your conversion decide only by these characteristics, not by CPC.
CPC only helps you to maintain your budget and cost cutting, you can avoid unwanted cost by cpc.

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Re: Very few sales/clicks in the early part of the day?

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I wouldn't say that it's entirely accurate to say that CPC and budget aren't impacting this. @wayne n while I would tend to lean toward it being mostly the buying habits of your customer, it's possible that CPC and budget can be having an impact on how and when your ads are showing. If a competitor who is typically beating you out in the PLA auction has a higher bid and is using accelerated ad serving or perhaps some of the flexible bid strategies like Enhanced CPC, what can happen is that they end up blowing their budget earlier in the day. When that happens, suddenly you're able to get better placements for your lower CPC, especially if your ads are set to serve evenly throughout the day. If you're using an enhanced bidding strategy like Enhance CPC, this can be a factor that tells it to serve your ads more later in the day as well, since it is seeing that ads served then for you convert more.


What you can do to get better insight into this is ad time of day bid adjustments to your campaign but leave them as is. That way you can easily get segmented data for the different times of day and see where the real difference is. You can slice your Analytics to get at this too, but in my experience it's usually more difficult to do that.