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Very Frustrating Experience with Adwords Team

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My feed was suspended for mid of October 2017 "Misrepresentation of self or product". I Called in and the rep went through my website and the only thing that he recommended is to add a phone number. I had everything in place already, payment options, return policy, privacy policy, disclaimer and contact form and email address in the header of the site (on every page).  I added a phone number, resubmitted my feed and sent a request to review my site on Oct 26. I waited for more than a week then called in again and asked the rep to investigate the problem. Rep told me he is not sure why the feed was suspended and he is going to escalate the request for a manual review. He said this is an error. I waited for another week and the feed was still suspended. I re submitted the form requesting a review on Nov 14 and in both times a receive an automated email to acknowledge my submission but then receive no explanation to why my feed is still suspended. 

I need an answer. Call centre work during weekdays only and I mostly miss their hours as I work full time and by the time I get home and be able to call, their hours are almost over. One time I called one hour before closing time and the rep refused to talk to me as he thinks "there isn't enough time to discuss the issue with me!!"


I think my feed is compliant and if there are issues, someone from Adwords support team needs to get back to me with an answer.

What should I do now?

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Re: Very Frustrating Experience with Adwords Team

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the very frustrating experience with the customer-service
team representatives, may be reported directly to google --

generally, misrepresentation is a rather serious policy-flag.

the issue typically relates to how the product, business, or both,
were being represented to the public over time -- both on the website
and within any submitted data, and information set-up in the account.

for example, on the website, trust-signals that google may look for include:
a current-business-telephone-number that will be answered during posted
business-hours, an exact physical street-address that resolves properly
on google-maps, valid business-email, valid business-name, etc. --
in addition to the proper return-and-refund policies and billing terms
and conditions, on every landing-page.

posting more specific information, here in public, such as
the exact website url, all attributes from one or two items
being submitted, screen-captures of messages, and any
email from google -- minus any personal details -- may allow
other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, misrepresentation policy-flags can trigger a permanent suspension,
especially after a re-review by the policy-teams at google -- if so, then usually
nothing can be done.


contacting google weekdays, during normal business hours, is usually best;
when logged-in to the account there may also be a list of off-hours contacts --


however, if a suspension has been made permanent, google
will typically not offer any further details, nor any explanation.

that said, this is mainly a peer-to-peer community forum --
forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based on
the details posted here in public.


Very Frustrating Experience with Adwords Team

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I have a newish websites and there are hundreds of websites on the net selling same type of products just like my website. If there was something that is not in compliance, I should be informed of it and given the chance to correct it. Problem is last Google rep I talked to did not know why my account is still suspended. He suggested that I delete my feed and resubmit again. I delete the old feed but the new one is not being recognized by merchant centre. Results from the first feed still show under All sources. Not sure what is going on! Does that mean Google is not allowing me to upload a new feed? 

Re: Very Frustrating Experience with Adwords Team

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google does not typically compare a website or business
against any other websites or businesses -- rather, google
compares the specific website, business, types of products
being sold, supply-chains, etc., against the current policies.

forum-members do not have access to any correspondence with google.

if the suspension was for the misrepresentation policies, then
that is the section of the policies that indicates why; usually,
google will not indicate the exact detail that triggered any
specific suspension if the detail will expose google's policy

detection systems or allow circumvention of their policies.

the original suspension description from google is critical.

asking google for examples that could correct the issue sometimes helps --
the examples may be used to help find a root-cause and correct any issues.

all-sources under diagnostics are mainly long-term historic references.

generally, google will not prevent the feed from being uploaded --
the feed may be re-uploaded with corrections even if an account
is suspended; the processed items will simply not be able to be
used as shopping-ads while an account is suspended.

results from an individual feed are under the latest, current-issues,
and under the processing-tab of the products-feeds file, by clicking
on the feed-name, and if processing is complete, under the products
list, by clicking on an item's title and inspecting any shopping status.

rechecking the following areas may help --

check the feed status/processing details by clicking on the feed's name:

check the home-tab and diagnostics-tabs:
click on any current-issues messages within the blue-boxes, near the bottom;

click on any account-level red-boxed learn-more/contact-us links, near the top.

check item-status by clicking on the item's title under the products-list-tab:

check the message-archive by clicking on the mail-envelope and subject-lines:

if there are any potential issues seen, simply fix the issues
in the submitted data, or on the website, or both, and then

resubmit the registered feed.


posting, here in public, any of the above specific details, and the website
url, may allow other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions.

some suspensions are permanent, depending on the details.

otherwise, the best likely course would be
to continue working directly with google.


Very Frustrating Experience with Adwords Team

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Thanks Celebird!

The last upload did get processed and now I have my feed uploaded in MC.