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Verifying Merchant Center Account on Shopify

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Hi, I'm a complete newbie at this so excuse me if this is a stupid question.


I set up a Google Merchant account, got our site verified and now I'm trying to verify the account on the Google Merchant app on Shopify. On the Shopify Google Merchant page, it asks for an account number. I copied the number at the top, right hand side of my Google Merchant dashboard, and pasted it in the box on Shopify where it asks for the account number. I am assuming this number is my account number but the Shopify page will not accept it.


I tried talking with a Shopify guru and they have no idea why it isn't working. Please help!



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Re: Verifying Merchant Center Account on Shopify

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the merchant-id needed to submit data via an api or app,
are usually the digits located near the upper-right-hand
corner of the merchant-center-account:

be certain that the same google-login (email) used to access
the merchant-center is also used within the third-party-app.

if a merchant-center multi-client-account is being used
then, be certain to use the exact sub-account-id where
the data will be sent -- or, re-contact shoppify-support
with this updated information.

also, try clearing the browser's cache and cookies, then
close and reopen the browser or, try a different browser.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to simply contact
a different support person at shopify for guidance -- or ask
in one of the shopify support forums to see if another shopify
user might have had a similar issue:

generally, google does not directly support third-party apps --
the issue will likely need to be resolved by shopify-support or
whoever is supporting the specific version of the app being used.