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Variations for item grouping in Product Listing Ads

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The feed requirements for PLA state that item groupings are required for products using the following attributes:


‘color’, ‘size’, ‘pattern’, ‘material’, ‘age group’, ‘gender’, ‘size type’ and ‘size system’


Some of the product we sell have other kinds of variations (example: length). How do we properly group them for the PLA feed? Can they even be grouped, or does grouping only work for the attributes mentioned above?



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Re: Variations for item grouping in Product Listing Ads

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for supported-variants, size will accept
most any reasonable value; for example,
the length can be used as a size value --
24 inches long

item_group_id is required (only) for supported-variants:

size_system and size_type are only recommended, mainly

for apparel products, and are not required to be submitted
with respect to other types of (variant) items.

otherwise, unsupported-variant rules are here:

otherwise, the variants cannot be submitted --
or be will seen as duplicates and disapproved
or removed from the auctions due to low quality.

otherwise, a merchant-center product-listing-ad

support-specialist at google may be contacted

directly for account or product specific guidance.


see also



Re: Variations for item grouping in Product Listing Ads

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That link is very useful - thank you.