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Variable price products in product feed.

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We have a client using the Google Feed, where it lists all variants rather than just the default.


Where each variant (size/volume) product has a different price that we pass to the feed, for example if you look up within the feed id column for “6520”, the price is correctly listed as £8.99, but as on the front end website


We believe Google is looking just at the default variant “6522” priced at £9.99, and therefore its marking the feed entry and disapproved. But the data is correct £8.99.


Would you be able to provide guidance on using Schema, to overcome this issue so that Google detects other product options on this page.


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Re: Variable price products in product feed.

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the price submitted to google (within the feed) for an item must
match the single displayed price and default add-to-cart price
on the link landing-page, exactly, at all times, for all users.

for variants, there are a few choices --

(1) do not submit any variants -- only submit the default item on the page;

(2) submit the variants using proper, identical, item_group_id
and at least one unique variant attribute value (size, color, etc.)
for all items within the variant group.

google recommends only one item with a price on the landing-page, using:

either (a) a separate landing-page for each variant: e.g.

or (b) the same landing-page with the variant preselected: e.g.
the preselected item should show the proper

matching price and (size) variant on the page.

however, without proper item_group_id and variant attributes, no
variants can be submitted; regardless of any landing-page details
matching (or not matching) one or the other submitted variants.

otherwise, submitting such variants is a policy violation
and grounds for disapproval or suspension, at any time.


Re: Variable price products in product feed.

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Hi there

Thanks for the information.

We have since then updated the feed so that the product link points to the individual SKU:

The product is priced at £59.99 as with the data in the feed, but Google still thinks it should be £9.99.

Any ideas?

Re: Variable price products in product feed.

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if microdata (rich-snippets) is used on the site then,

the microdata price on the landing-page, the (variant)
price data submitted, the most prominent price data

displayed, and the default add-to-cart price, must all

match exactly, at all times.

also, the price data must be valid and
correct for all google's crawl requests.

the microdata (rich-snippets) price seems

to be currently 9.99 on that landing-page.