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Using Incorrect GTINs

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We are a reseller and I have noticed other resellers listing branded items under GTINs they have created themselves. With some products, multiple resellers have started using this 'made up' GTIN too, so it gets the shopping info on a search.


- In most cases, the actual manufacturer does not use a GTIN for their products... Should I use the incorrect GTIN or set it to FALSE?


- In some cases, the incorrect GTIN appears and the correct one doesn't... Should I use the incorrect GTIN?


In either scenario, we could miss out on getting our products seen.


What do you suggest, please?




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Re: Using Incorrect GTINs

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Hello Calum,

correct is use false in your feed instead gtin which does not exists -

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Re: Using Incorrect GTINs

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(1) neither;
(2) no.

(1) FALSE is never, ever, a valid value for the gtin attribute,
and is grounds for disapproval or (permanent) suspension
from the program, at any time.

any global-trade-data (gtin, brand, mpn) submitted must
be valid and exactly accurate -- or not submitted, at all.

FALSE may be used for the identifier_exists attribute.


if FALSE is used for the identifier_exists attribute then,
do not submit any gtin, do not submit brand, and do not
submit any mpn, values, at all, for that item.


identifier_exists FALSE may only be submitted if valid global-trade-data
(mpn, gtin, brand) does not currently exist -- has not been assigned by

the manufacturer, to the exact item being sold.

identifier_exists FALSE with no global-trade-data
indicates to google that valid global-trade-data
has not been assigned by a manufacturer and
does not currently exist.

(2) submitting any invalid or incorrect global-trade-data
is grounds for a disapproval or a suspension, at any time;

if valid global-trade-data does, currently, exist -- has been assigned by
the manufacturer -- then, valid global-trade-data must be submitted,
or risks a disapproval or suspension, at any time.

google only wants valid global-trade-data that currently exists.

if valid global-trade-data does not exist, at all -- has not already been
assigned by the manufacturer -- then, simply submit the identifier_exists
attribute with an exact value of FALSE and then, do not submit any gtin,
do not submit any mpn, and do not submit any brand data, for that item.

also note that a merchant's brand is set and submitted automatically by google
for all items, based on the store (brand) name set in the account; the brand
submitted (in the feed) for an item is for a valid, manufacturer's assigned,
brand -- not the seller's brand.

similarly, mpn is for submitting a valid, manufacturer-assigned,
part-number, not for private sku or any merchant-assigned data.

google does not require the purchase of any global-trade-data.

global-trade-data is mainly a legal designation to uniquely
identify and tie an exact product to a specific manufacturer --
all merchants selling the same item must submit the same
global-trade-data values.

potential policy violations by others may be reported directly to google.

see also


Re: Using Incorrect GTINs

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Thank you!