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Use product name as MPN | Google Shopping

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I use the HikaShop plugin to Jooma! CMS to generate my feed with Google Products.  This feed creates the MPN from the product name and naturally functions fine for everyone else using the service.


I've been having some issues with mine - I upload the feed and it processes fine - there are no errors in the data, or the feed itself, but in the list of products, they all have the "Invalid or Disallowed" symbol.


I contacted Adwords and they emailed me back saying it's because the MPN's are using the product name.  But I've seen this system create the same feeds for other businesses without issue.  I tried to explain this to the agent but was just give a copy and paste paragraph stating "MPN's are important to accurately place your product offers..."


Anyone know why this could be a problem suddenly? Having to hand write a new XML document for every new product would be a HUGE waste of time and warrant any adwords advertising obsolete.

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Re: Use product name as MPN | Google Shopping

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Hi Orange R,
Sometimes you can come across issues when you use third party platforms with Google products, and it leaves it hard for us to troubleshoot as we don't know how these products work.

You do need to have your feed produce a feed that is exact to the specification in this article for your feed to work properly: