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Update product listing

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Hi - I am having problems updating my product listing.  For some reason it does not recognize the items price.  I have approximately 227 software items, it seems that all the fields are recognized except the price.


Here is an example of my feed.


idtitledescriptionlink image_linkavailabilitypricegoogle_product_categorybrandexpiration_dategtnmpnconditionproduct_typeisbnidentifier_existsgoogle_product_category    
CLEAR765Bikini Beach Stunt RacerWelcome to the beach stock4.25Software > Video Game Software > Computer Games > PC GamesCosmi2017-11-27T01:01:012278707897322787078973NEWOther TRUESoftware > Video Game Software > Computer Games > PC Games


I tried to shift some of the columns without too much luck.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Update product listing

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first, thank you for the example from the feed.


google has rather strict rules for all submitted data,
the landing-page for each inventory item, and website.

price, by default, must include a number, space, and three-letter iso-currency;

for example:
4.25 USD

see also


Update product listing

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Thank you for viewing my question and making suggestions.  I changed the price per your advise and it feed was still rejected.  Any other ideas will be appreciated.  Ronnie

Re: Update product listing

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first, you're welcome.

other areas to check --

(a) be certain that there is only one, single, add-to-cart button
and only one, single, price displayed, on the link landing-page.

(b) be certain that the price and currency submitted,

for the physical inventory item, exactly  matches the

one price and currency displayed on the landing-page,
and the one add-to-cart price -- when a user clicks on
add-to-cart without any other user-interaction.

(c) be certain that the submitted, displayed, and
add-to-cart, price, all match exactly, at all times.

(d) if there is any structured-data on the landing-page, then be certain
there is only one, single, structured-data offer with one one, single,
price, on the landing-page -- and the one structured-data price also

matches  the submitted, displayed, and add-to-cart price.

(e) be certain that the same price and currency is displayed for all users,
regardless of a user's physical location, ip-address, browser user-agent,
device, or any other user-identifiable information.

(f) be certain that any similar physical inventory, owned by the merchant,
is not also being submitted, for shopping-ads, from any other venue or from
any other website.

(g) be certain that the id value never, ever, changes
once assigned to a physical inventory item.

(g) be certain the same registered feed is being re-uploaded and processed --
by clicking on the primary-feed's name, under the products-feeds-tab, and
inspecting the file-uploaded-on date, under the processing-tab.

(h) be certain there is only one, single, primary-feed registered,
for the target-country -- never delete the primary-feed unless a
person at google indicates to do so.


(i) review all attributes and values being submitted

against google's current set of feed specifications,

requirements, recommendations, and best-practices.

otherwise, this is mainly a peer-to-peer, public, community forum --
forum-members cannot look into any accounts or any submitted

data details; forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based

on the details posted here in the public-forum.

posting the specific rejection message, the specific link
url of the landing-page, specific screen-captures of the
products-feeds-page and the feed's processing page,
and any other useful details about the issue -- here in

the public forum -- may allow other forum-members to

offer more specific suggestions.

if the feed is a google-sheet, posting a (read-only) url
to the specific google-sheet being submitted, or a link
to the file being submitted, here within the public forum,
may also help.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to simply contact google.


see also



Update product listing

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I recommend reading the reason of rejection, all issues are always shown.


From looking at your example, you have listed google_product_category twice, only list 1

You have added a column named gtn, this should be GTIN

You have listed ISBN, this is not a valid column value


I recommend you create a new feed using Google's spreadsheet example to avoid any mis spelling of column headers.

Login to Google Merchant > Products > Feed > click on the plus sign > select Google Spreadsheet and use a template, than start rebuilding from the example.


Hope it helps.

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