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Unique Product Identifiers

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I am new to PLA shopping. Can you please guide me about Unique product identifiers. I am not able to understand the concept of gtin, mpn.




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Re: Unique Product Identifiers

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unique-product-identifiers are for global-trade.


unique-product-identifiers uniquely identify a manufactured

product being sold -- regardless of who is selling the product.


global-trade data -- gtin (upc/ean), brand, mpn --
are assigned by a brand-manufacturer for legal
global-trade, are identical regardless of merchant,
and are usually stamped on the product-package,
at the factory, during manufacturing:

for example, only apple may assign global-trade data to an exact ipad item:
Apple, MC985LL/A, 885909471744
an apple ipad is an apple ipad regardless of merchant or the item's age or quality.

what's required by google depends on the type of physical item --
for example, media items require only a valid gtin;
for example, apparel clothing items require only a valid brand;
most other types of items require at least two valid global-trade values.

if valid global-trade-data exists valid global-trade-data must be submitted;
if valid, required, global-trade-data does not exist -- not assigned by the
manufacturer to the exact item being submitted -- then, the item must
be submitted with an identifier_exists of FALSE and brand, mpn, gtin
cannot be submitted for such items.

merchants cannot self-assign global-trade-data.

submitting any invalid, inexact, or self-assigned global-trade-data is a
policy violation and can trigger a disapproval or suspension, at any time.


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