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Unauthorized Google Merchants submitting feeds to sell our product

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We are a product manufacturer selling our product through our own website.  We also have retail partners who we approve to sell our product online and submit a google merchant account.   However, there other sellers showing up submitting feeds to sell our product we don't approve.  Many seem to originate from ebay listings.  What is the best process to get them to stop, and what support can we expect from Google on these unauthorized resellers of our product?

Re: Unauthorized Google Merchants submitting feeds to sell our product

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Hi Jeff

This isnt something I have experienced before, I am aware you can report violations to Google but this is in terms of them breaking Google Policy.

I would suggest contacting the sellers directly to try and arrange removal along with this, if they are illegally selling, I would contact the market places, such as eBay and report this directly to them, they should be able to deal with it from there.