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Unable to Upload Pre-GTIN Vinyl Music Records to the Merchant Centre

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I am trying to upload some Pre-GTIN music records but they fail due to the 108 ERROR (Insufficient product identifiers: Missing GTIN attribute..Media items must have a value for the 'gtin' attribute. Please provide a valid GTIN (UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN-13). Please make sure that you include this required attribute in your data feed.) I have included the brand and the MPN and set identifier exists to both null and false (it should be null as they are used records).


I Understandably this is the policy so maybe there is not much that can be done about it. However the first records I have is, "The Film World Of Stanley Black Stanley Black UK vinyl LP album record SPA60". This can be found easily on eBay and when I search google products eBay listings feed through. When I click on 2 that are grouped together I find 2 ebay listings under GTIN 05053199086633 (looks like a UK EAN) Part No SPA60. Maybe google have some information that I don't as the only inditifier on the records is SPA 60 and a simple google seach for 5053199086633 brings up zero results. Also on google products another 2 sellers (non ebay) have the same record appearing as GTIN 09000000393981 Part No SPA 60 (note the space) I pressume that this GTIN has been generated by google as it has not matched the part no due to inclusion of a space.


Does anyone have any thoughts on this and how best to proceed with adding these records to the merchant center?.





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Unable to Upload Pre-GTIN Vinyl Music Records to the Merchant Centre

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I am a professional operator of AdWords advertisement.

If it is an upload failure error, there is a reason for the error.

How about reading this help page?

Perhaps, there may be good answers.

I can not help but I will support you.

Thank you very much.

Re: Unable to Upload Pre-GTIN Vinyl Music Records to the Merchant Centre

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if valid global-trade-data has been assigned by the publisher, or

manufacturer, then valid global-trade-data must be submitted.


for vintage items that have never been assigned global-trade-data --
(a) condition must be set to used
(b) identifier_exists must be set to no
(c) brand, mpn, and gtin (all three) cannot be submitted, at all, for the item;
for an xml-feed, or api, do not submit any brand, mpn, or gtin elements/tags;
for a spreadsheet, brand, mpn and gtin, cells must be entirely blank (empty);

(d) if possible, include the year of the item's

manufacture in the title, description, or both.

any merchant, or marketplace-seller, that seems to be submitting

invalid, inaccurate, or self-assigned, global-trade-data, in violation

of google's policies, may be reported directly to google.


see also


Unable to Upload Pre-GTIN Vinyl Music Records to the Merchant Centre

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Okay I understand leaving the brand and MPN blank is a work around but it is reducing the quality of the data significantly and is likely to make it impossible to find, reducing conversion rates and also inaccurate (involation of the rules you have posted) as you have left blank data (brand and mpn) you have.

Re: Unable to Upload Pre-GTIN Vinyl Music Records to the Merchant Centre

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if the vintage-manufacturer's, or vintage-publisher's, brand, record label,
manufacturer part number, catalog number, or serial number, are important,
relevant, and accurate, with respect to the physical item-offer, and gs1
gtin has never been assigned, then the information may be added to either
the title, or description, or both.

however, adding irrelevant or inaccurate information, with respect to the
physical item being sold and shipped, can trigger lower quality over time,
decreased performance, and the item being removed from the auctions.

generally, title is the more significant attribute, in terms of being
possible to find an item-offer and auction-level quality; such data
should be added to a title only if the information is accurate and
extremely relevant -- otherwise, the best likely course is to restrict
such data to the description, which will still add to the quality and
allow indexing for searching, with respect to the shopping-ad auctions;
This vintage vinyl long-playing (LP) record album was recorded in stereo and released in the UK by the Decca Records label, in 1970, under their catalogue number SPA60 as part of The World Of series. The cover has a removed label and the record has one visible scratch on track number ten. The 12 inches in diameter record plays at 33 1/3 rpm and contains 10 tracks of music; Genre: stage and screen; style: soundtrack.

that said, forum-members cannot look into any submitted data
or account and google is the final arbiter of all google's policies --
google may be contacted for account or product specific guidance.


Unable to Upload Pre-GTIN Vinyl Music Records to the Merchant Centre

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Thank you again for your time but I was hoping someone could throw light on the fact that Google does have GTIN for this record when I search for it (05053199086633 and 09000000393981) how is that? Also is there an agreed format for music mpn's as the GTIN seems to depend on whether you leave the space in the mpn (SPA 60 or SPA60).





Unable to Upload Pre-GTIN Vinyl Music Records to the Merchant Centre

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first, you're welcome again.


if a gtin or mpn are being seen on google-shopping,

or items surface when searching using such terms,
that typically means another merchant has submitted
that data, but google has not flagged the item or
merchant with a disapproval or suspension yet.

seeing any data, such as gtin or mpn, on google-shopping,
does not at all mean that google has that data -- as in,
has some approved list of valid gs1 information that is
checked against automatically.

there is no such agreed to format for music mpn's, or gtin --
any such dependency on spacing is usually measured against
other merchants who have previously submitted data for the
same similar physical item-offer -- regardless of the data
being accurate or not with respect to the manufacturer.

generally, after the policy-teams at google review the submitted data against
the manufacturer or publisher, then the products or merchants violating the
global-trade-data policies are subject to being removed from the program.

google does not check all items, for all possible policy
violations, all the time; google may flag a disapproval
or a suspension, at any time.