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UTM data shows utm_source=googlepla

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In GA I see the source at "googlepla" does this mean the traffic is coming from the Google Merchant PLA product placement ads? or is this the ads in AdWords? I did a search but could Google Play kept coming up.

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Re: UTM data shows utm_source=googlepla

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Hey Brian, how are things?

I'm not sure about this for PLA campaigns, but it seems that you're seeing some Manual tagging information. If I'm not mistaken, information coming from Adwords should be "google" as source and "cpc" as medium. If you have "googlepla" as source, maybe someone add the link with UTM on the Final URL on the Ad.

You should check your PLA campaigns inside Adwords to see that.

I'd strongly recommend for you not to use manual tagging by adding UTMs on the URL of Adwords, instead, link your Adwords with your Analytics. Its easy and much more helpful, and you don't need to use UTM (and should not too). This link can guide you:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: UTM data shows utm_source=googlepla

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utm_source is usually a user-assigned manual-tag -- typically via,
the link, mobile_link, adwords_redirect, or display_ads_link,
attributes in the submitted data (feed) via the merchant-center.

if so, the traffic would be from a product-listing-ad.

otherwise, check any non-retail dynamic-remarketing (feed) data.

otherwise, check tracking-templates within any other
campaign-types -- other than a shopping-campaign.

the utm_source value is user-defined and user-assigned --
so, there is no internal correlation except based on where
the value was assigned or submitted by the advertiser or
whoever is submitting the (feed) data.

although the user-assigned utm_source value is typically a mnemonic,
values could be anything or, googlepla could be unrelated to such an ad.

also, check under the dimensions-tab for the shopping-campaign
by adding network-with-search-partners to help differentiate traffic.

product-listing-ads do not use final-url's per se --
these are derived from submitted (feed) data.

alternatively, as was indicated, use auto-tagging and linking with analytics.

otherwise, a merchant-center product-listing-ads
support specialist may be contacted directly to
potentially help identify the ad and traffic source.