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Trying to start Google Shopping/PLAs in Australia

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We have 1 website that produces a feed targeting the US.  We are trying to accomplish targeting Australia with keeping the same website, but producing a separate feed to comply with Google policy to show currency in Australian Dollars AUD.  


Does anyone know of a plug-in that would work on a word press site that allows you to produce 2 separate feeds (1 for US currencies and 1 for AUD currencies)?


Or does anyone have experience in running shopping campaigns in multiple countries and can advise the best and easiest way to go about it?


Thank you,



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Re: Trying to start Google Shopping/PLAs in Australia

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as to word-press, the best likely course would be to ask in one of
the word-press forums or simply ask whoever is supporting the

e-commerce, shopping-cart, details on the site.

however, regardless of any submitted data (feed), the website
and e-commerce details must first be changed to comply with
all the merchant-center rules and policies of the target-country --

well before any feed is considered.

for example, the item-offer price listed on the landing-page, within
the shopping-cart, e-commerce, checkout-flow, must be displayed
in australian-dollars (aud) -- including all related taxes and charges,
minus shipping.

generally, the website and e-commerce is changed, first --
then, the submitted (feed) data is based on the website
and physical inventory details.


also, a separate shopping-campaign and appropriate product-groups
usually must be created to support the bid-strategies for that targeted

country's ad-auctions.

see also

Re: Trying to start Google Shopping/PLAs in Australia

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This is the major issue with Google shopping campaign. You can use third party feed management tool like godatafeed.
Another option is to create another merchant account with country specific settings (language, currency) and pull that data in to your adwords account. Create separate campaigns and ad groups.

This will help you better. In this case you can manage feed manually.

Virendra Kumar
Google Adwords Expert

Re: Trying to start Google Shopping/PLAs in Australia

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Thank you for your response. Yes, I am aware the landing page needs to match the feed. We were hoping to accomplish this without having to produce a second version of the website. We were looking at a plug-in that could use a URL argument to change the landing page based on the users location (US vs AUS), which seemed to solve that issue. The other issue was to be able to produce 2 feeds with one linking to US currency and the other linking to AUD currency.

Unfortunately, we have not found a tool to accomplish this. It appears that just having 2 versions of the website will have to be the way to go.

Thanks again.

Re: Trying to start Google Shopping/PLAs in Australia

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first, you're welcome.

changing the landing-page, in any way, dynamically,
based on the user's location is not allowed -- and is
grounds for disapproval or (permanent) suspension,
at any time.

the typical methods used to implement a country-specific landing-page are:

(a) using a url-parameter, similar to what was suggested, but static; e.g.

(b) using a separate sub-domain or more usually a sub-directory: e.g.

(c) using a separate top-level country-domain (website); e.g.

then, the proper link for the product landing-page is submitted (in the feed) --
in addition to any country-specific details such as tax, custom-labels for
any country-specific bidding strategies, account-level shipping settings,
e-commerce checkout-flow with the proper price and currency, etc.

the landing-page must simply show the details per the requirements of the
target-country; the same information must be displayed regardless of where
the user is physically located or any other user-specific details.

as a slight aside, if a separate website (method c) is used then,
a merchant-center multi-client-account or similar is required --
since google allows only one, single, domain per merchant, by default.

otherwise, google is rather neutral with respect to the method used
to accommodate the rules and policies of a specific target-country.