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TrueView for Shopping policy

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Hi there,


I'm having a hard time trying to figure out which policy applies to TrueView for Shopping campaigns.

For ex, let's say I'm an furniture aggregator, but doesn't sell products on my website.

-If I look at the Google Merchant Center policy for Shopping, I'm not allowed to run Shopping ads, as I don't sell the products on my website.

-But I guess I would be allowed to do dynamic remarketing with Google Merchant Center?

-So would this mean I can run TrueView for Shopping ads for ex?


Would be super thankful if someone could help & provide exact policy approvals required for TrueView for Shopping.


Thanks a lot!

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Re: TrueView for Shopping policy

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Hi Morgane,

Please find below the URL for Create a TrueView for shopping campaign.

I hope this will help you.


Re: TrueView for Shopping policy

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Hey Anand!
Thanks for the link! What remains unclear to me is to which policy do you have to comply with to run TrueView for Shopping.

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Re: TrueView for Shopping policy

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only valid, active, google-merchant-center items with
a searchable status, via linked-accounts, are available
for video-shopping-ads when creating the video-campaign.

true-view-for-shopping ads are mainly designed for retail merchants
who are already using the merchant-center for product-listing-ads
and must follow all merchant-center policies -- for example, only
items in your physical possession are allowed to be advertised.

otherwise, the rules and policies for dynamic-remarketing,
product-listing-ads (shopping), and other campaign-types,
have specific policy subsets.

for example, dynamic-remarketing disallows sensitive-interest categories.

for retail-related dynamic-remarketing, there are generally

two choices with respect to feed data and the policies:

(a) for the business-type, simply select custom (other) and
submit data via the account's shared-library, business-data --
do not use the merchant-center, at all.

(b) use the merchant-center and an inventory products-feed --
but submit the excluded_destination attribute with shopping
as the value, to avoid disapproval and suspension.

in this way, items may be submitted via the merchant-center,
but are not required to follow any merchant-center-policies.

note that for (b) such items will not show under the products-tab
within the merchant-center; which somewhat defeats most of the

benefit of using the merchant-center in that respect.

the merchant-center is mainly for retail merchants with physical
on-hand inventory who meet all the product-listing-ad shopping
policies with respect to the business, supply-chains, and site.

otherwise, google may be contacted directly.

see also

Re: TrueView for Shopping policy

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@Celebird covers it pretty well, but the short answer is "All of them". TruView shopping straddles the line between Display/Video, Shopping, and Remarketing, and so you have to meet the policy requirements of all three. If your client doesn't meet policy on any one of those, they won't be able to use TruView Shopping ads.

Re: TrueView for Shopping policy

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Thanks a lot everyone!

Re: TrueView for Shopping policy

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Hi - I have a shopping campaign setup with the following settings - "Maximise Clicks", "Search partners". The campaign has been running for quite some time now and gets about 50-60 clicks and 3000 impressions every day.

1. I am told that as long as I choose "search partners" under campaign settings, my campaign will show impressions on Youtube as well. However, when I look for impressions under "search partners" by choosing "Adgroup->segments->Network (with search partners)", I am unable to find any impressions under the search partners. Are there are any other settings that I am missing out?
2. The max limit for the bid strategy is 4x the average CPC, so I am assuming that bid limit is not the culprit here. In addition, I had run the campaign with enhanced CPC again without much luck.

Looking forward to any pointers to resolve this issue.

Re: TrueView for Shopping policy

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