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Traffic decline after change to free shipping.

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Hello. We switched over to free shipping about a month ago and right after we did this our sales and traffic decreased drastically. We used to get roughly 900 clicks and 70 conversions a day through adwords. Now since the switch to free shipping we are averaging about 300 clicks a day and 10 conversions. Impressions and traffic is way down as well. There seems to be no issues with the site that anyone can find.  We have made the appropriate changes in the merchant center for free shipping, we do offer expedited shipping as well on the site but have only listed the free shipping in merchant center?

Our account manager asked that we give it a month and the sales should improve quite a bit but they remain the same. Our feeds are uploaded daily and none of the products are showing any disapproved. All products are active.

We have other sites that have went to free shipping and those seemed to do quite well after the change. It seems like we are missing something but not sure what it could be? Any suggestions? Thanks

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Traffic decline after change to free shipping.

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try changing the destination/location within the merchant-center-account,
by clicking on an item's title under the products-tab -- especially locations
that typically trigger conversions, or are being targeted.

be certain that the shipping, calculated by google, for those locations,
is accurate with respect to a landing-page and actual shipping charged,
to a person, in that location.

be certain that the price and shipping displayed by google as a shopping-ad,
exactly match the one, single, displayed product-price and default shipping,
on the landing-page, for all users.

also, be certain the there were no other changes to the submitted
data (feed) or on the website during that same similar time frame.

also, check that the items are still effectively competing
in the auctions -- on product-price, the bid, and quality;

the auctions are sensitive to external changes by others.

also, be certain that the other websites or venues, are not also listing
items that are identical, or (physically) similar in any way whatsoever.

also, be certain shipping is not mentioned anyplace within any
submitted data -- except possibly in a valid shipping-attribute.

otherwise, this is mainly a peer-to-peer community; forum-members can
mainly offer suggestions based on specific details posted here in public --
forum-members cannot look into any account or submitted-data details.

posting more specific details, such as any specific attributes and values being
submitted related to shipping, screen-captures of the specific shipping details
set in the account, the specific website or websites/venues that are being used,
etc., may allow others to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, the best likely course is to simply contact google directly -- asking
for a merchant-center/shopping-campaign support-specialist sometimes helps.


Traffic decline after change to free shipping.

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Hi Eric,


Your switch to free shipping might have nothing to do with your drop in numbers.


Because Google advertising is dynamic, even if you make no changes to your ads, site, or shopping feed, your costs, impressions and clicks can vary substantially.


Possible factors include increased competition, higher competing bids and competitor's offering lower prices. 


A typical response to lower impressions is to bid higher and see if that makes a difference.