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Too many column delimiters

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Hello to all I hope you are having a great New Year I am a lot of thing's in my life are changing for the better.Anyhow my question is this for any one who can possibly help me Please. I am trying to add a product to Google search through : Google Merchant Center .... I have tried using the Google Spreadsheets to make this with no luck. So I downloaded it as a CSV file then opened my editor ( open office ) made corrections then uploaded the csv file to the data feeds section manually. Kept having many errors but I have been able to correct most using the built in debugger. But I am stuck with one last error: " Line 2 Too Many Column Delimiters." Also notes : "Your item contains more attributes to those in the header row"


I also have only 1 warning which states: "Too few sub-attributes for attribute : Shipping.

Also notes: " Please make sure the attribute includes the correct number of sub-attributes. All colons for sub-attributes , even for blank attributes, are required 


I have copied the debugging console which includes all text I am seeing and was wondering if anyone can have a look at this and if you have any suggestions or fixes please let me know.




id,title,description,condition,price,availability,link,image link,gtin,mpn,brand,google product category,gender,age group,size,color,mateiral,pattern,item group id,tax,shipping,shipping weight,sale price,sale price effective date,additional image link,product type
"1634,Electronics>Computers>Desktops",Dell OptiPlex 755 SFF Desktop Computer ,CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.33 GHz RAM: 2GB RAM HDD:80GB Hard Drive Operating System:Genuine Windows 7 Pro 64 bit,- Refurbished ,149.99:USD:, 'in stock' :,, Computers",,,,,,,US:8.99,,US:30.00, US:FL:USPS,20:,,,,"1634,Electronics>Computers>Desktop...





Thanks for Helping 

Richard B 

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Re: Too many column delimiters

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generally, a currently supported feed format should be submitted --
try re-saving the file as tab-delimited and be certain the feed was
registered as a .txt tab-delimited format.

the legacy csv format is not currently documented as supported
and may or may not properly process depending on the details.

more generally, values should not contain quotes,
commas, stray spaces, or stray marks of any kind; e.g.
- Refurbished <delimiter>

for the (unsupported) csv remove all commas
from the description or within any other value.

also, verify the use-quoted-fields settings within the account.

quotes, commas, and values that are split across multiple lines
are the most likely triggers for delimited-related issues --
remove commas, remove quotes, and verify each item is on
one, single, contiguous, line without any breaks; especially
for the description attribute.

more generally, always view the file within a browser window

just before uploading -- to verify there are no quotes, commas,

stray marks, stray symbols, css, javascript, html, or any breaks

within values, that might have been added by the spreadsheet

simply by re-saving the file.


of course, if a .txt tab-delimited feed is used

the commas can remain within the values --

but the other characters can still cause issues.