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There was an error accessing the image.

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The product is inactive because of above mentioned error; however, the image is perfectly accessible just like dozens of other very similar images.


I have deleted the product and fetched the product feed again. I checked the product feed. The image url is correct and accessible.


What am I missing?

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Re: There was an error accessing the image.

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Hi @Ingo J,


Make sure you are not blocking images from being crawled by the adbot. Double check on this, may be your robots.txt file?


Once you are sure you are NOT blocking access to those images, submit your feed again and wait for it to complete. You should be fine.


Ratan Jha


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Re: There was an error accessing the image.

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Hi Ingo J
Another thing to chexk out here is the loading speed of the image/page, at times when it takes long then you may likely get that message. And, at times, simply re-uploading the feed does the job.


Re: There was an error accessing the image.

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unfortunately, seeing an image in a browser does not indicate
that the image can be crawled by google or that the image
meets all of google's policy requirements.


especially with respect to the specific images being flagged:

(1) check the server's log files to be certain that
both googlebot and googlebot-image has access
to the website and the website is being crawled --

especially for the specific images being flagged.

(2) the site must (a) respond properly and (b) must keep pace
with all googlebot, googlebot-image, and adsbot-google requests --
check the server logs for any related issues.

(3) be certain that the image_link url and all additional_image_link url's
are pointing to a supported image file format -- such as jpg or png --
html pages with images, image carousels, or similar, are not allowed.

(4) be certain the image is a clear representation of the product itself --
without any ancillary text, watermarks, or any related additions such as

images of multiple products that are not being purchased in the item-offer.

(5) be certain the image size is around 300x300 pixels or so;
many servers cannot keep pace with google's crawls if the
image size is much larger -- and much smaller images may
be too small with respect to google's quality policies.

(6) be certain the image file is associated with a proper
image_link attribute within the submitted (feed) data.

(7) be certain the image file was not recently changed --
changed images usually require a change to the image_link
and additional_image_link file names.

otherwise, images may take a few days to process or
much longer if there were any feed or image changes.

(8) be certain the image_link url does not have any spaces that
must be escaped or any special or unsupported characters
that cannot be properly proceeded by google.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts;
we would typically need specific information such screen-captures, the
exact (feed) data being submitted, exact links to the submitted images,
etc -- posted here within the public forum to help diagnose the issue
and offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, simply contact or re-contact google directly and ask
for a merchant-center, product-listing-ad, support specialist --

as an aside, generally, never ever delete the registered feed,
unless a person at google indicates to do so -- use the same
registered feed for all updates, re-submits, changes, additions,
or deletions -- deleting or re-registering a data-feed will not effect
such processing outcomes and simply resubmitting the feed will

trigger a re-crawl of the site and images within 72-hours or so.


deleting a feed will cause all items to be deleted first --

before any processing will be done for any feed submit --

which can greatly delay such issues from being resolved

and can trigger duplicate content and similar disapprovals

depending on how the delete is handled.


Re: There was an error accessing the image.

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There might have been a temporarily issue. Google barely re checks images, even if there is an error. It might take up to a month to check it.

I recommend to ad a random query string or the a date behind the image url, this forces google to check the image.

for example a normal image url would be
with a query string that does not modify the image at all

I simply put todays date on there, when I update the image itself.
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Re: There was an error accessing the image.

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as was indicated in (7) images may take a few days to
be crawled and images that have recently changed may
benefit from a file-name or image-url change.

yes, generally, there are two ways to change an image's file name:
(a) literally, such as:
(b) adding a random url-parameter:

however, more generally, only ever change an image file
name unless the image's contents have also been changed

or there is some other technical issue with the image.

otherwise, changing an image's url/name and re-submitting a feed too
often can result in an image never being crawled and cached properly --

usually the exact opposite of what is wanted.

Re: There was an error accessing the image.

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Yours and Celebird's suggestion was correct. That did the trick. Simply add a parameter and there you go..