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There are problems with some of your custom parameters for Retail(Adwords) - How to fix?

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I am trying to set up dynamic remarketing ads for my website which is based out of Shopify. I have set up everything and started the ads. But even after few weeks after running, the ad did not have any impressions at all. Everything was nil.


When I checked the Audiences section, I found the error 'There are problems with some of your custom parameters for Retail(Adwords)'.

 Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.09.12 PM.png


But the tag assistant shows that I have implemented the remarketing code perfectly since it shows green. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.11.25 PM.png


So how do I fix this? I found no helpful answer in the forum. 

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Re: There are problems with some of your custom parameters for Retail(Adwords) - How to fix?

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tag-assistant and the ad-account's audiences have different sets of checks --

also, shopping-ads and dynamic-ads have different sets of rules and policies.

tag-assistant mainly checks for basic, technical, match criteria.

the ad-account's audiences includes the basic technical criteria,
but also adds checks for rules and policies related to shopping-ads,
the merchant-center, and policies related to personalized-advertising.

tag-assistant flagging no items while the ad-account-audiences flags
one or all items, based on policy for example, is certainly possible.

generally, check both the item's (shopping and dynamic-ads) status
within the products-list-tab of the merchant-center-account and all
data, the website, and the business-model, against all of google's

shopping-ads and related personalized-advertising policies.

however, this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum -- forum-members cannot
look into any submitted data or accounts; posting more specific details,
such as one or two of the exact items and data being submitted, may

allow others to offer more specific suggestions.  

otherwise, google may be contacted directly for account-specific guidance.

see also