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Test product preview or production data cleanup

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Hi All,

i am done with test feed upload, now ready for production publishing.


Just some doubts if someone can help me. Thanks in advance.


q1-Is there a way to view test products before creating a production feed ? It might be useful to view them before production publishing


q2- Assuming I need to remove a product published on production, from the Products tab will it be possible to remove it (example: i later discover an error) ?


q3- I would prefer to monthly re-update all products (they about 200): do I just need to upload the same feed with type=Products and previous catalog is erased or only matching ID are replaced at upload time?

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Re: Test product preview or production data cleanup

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(1) no;

a live feed is a live, production, feed -- items are expected
to follow all the rules and policies within the submitted
data and on the website before the live feed is submitted.

about the only rough approximation would be to set an expiration_date
far in the past (e.g. 1970-01-01) and have the processed item displayed
in the error section of the feed's status -- where some of the processed
(forced expired) data can be seen by clicking on show-item.

however, this will not show any image or website related (policy) issues;
website related issues are only shown after google crawls the site and
images, approximately 72-hours after items are seen in the products-tab.

expired items are removed from the products-tab.

(2) yes;

simply remove the item from the feed altogether
and do not reuse that id value for any other item --

then, re-upload the feed.

inventory items are tracked by id --

any missing items will be removed

from the products-tab.

note that any item deleted by-hand from the products-tab
will be added back the next time the feed is re-uploaded --
unless that item has also been removed from the feed;

a manually removal from the products-tab is mainly a

stop-gap for serious issues.

(3) normally, simply re-upload the same feed.


the feed is required to be re-uploaded at least monthly --
typically, a week before items are set to expire; by default,
items are set to expire every 30-days.

expired items will be removed automatically.

the feed must be re-uploaded at least monthly --
or immediately if a critical change to physical
inventory (availability) or the website occurs.

use the same registered data-feed for all updates --
changes, fixes, additions, deletions, or re-uploads.

all items are tracked by id -- id must be unique per item,
across all target-countries; a best-practice is to use a
mix of letters and numbers for id; e.g.
generally, avoid id values that are only numbers -- especially for spreadsheets.

the id must never change or be reassigned to any other item
once the id has been assigned to a physical inventory item.

the re-uploaded feed will simply overlay existing items -- based on id;
if there are no changes to the item then, the overlay (insert) usually
happens rather quickly; new physical-inventory items must have a

new id value and are typically, simply, added to the same feed.

the registered (live) feed can handle about 100,000 inventory items --

normally, be certain there is only one (live) data-feed per target-country.

as an aside, rich-snippets, an inventory-feed, or the api, may be used
to help speed up very frequent or extremely large inventory updates --
e.g. inventory over 50,000 items or so.

Re: Test product preview or production data cleanup

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Many thanks for the complete and clear answer. I got it now !