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Temporary item disapprovals due to incorrect prices

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I recently changed some prices in my store at due to my monthly sales I offer every month to my customers. I also changed prices back to the normal prices from last months sale. All those items are now disapproved from google due incorrect prices, which is not true. As I have the prices on my website they were also published to the google merchant center.
My questions is: Why does google disapprove my items when I change prices? This should not be a problem. Every good merchant does sales. Also when I look at the disapproved items it shows the right price for "value on feed" but the wrong price for "value on website". But the price on my website is the same price as in the feed.
I would really appreciate it to get some help on this topic, so it will not happen again. Also I would appreciate if google would approve this items now so they can show up in google shopping.

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Temporary item disapprovals due to incorrect prices

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There is a mechanism built into Google Shopping for temporarily introducing sale prices without confusing Google re: a pricing discrepancy between your site and landing page.  


Here is reference info about it:



Temporary item disapprovals due to incorrect prices

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Changing the price on the regular attribute does not force a disapproval. However there are some rules.


If you change the price, the effective price to pay must be the first price visible in a font size greater or equal to any other price listed.


If however as @Steve B mentioned it's a sale price where you leave the effective price listed with a sales price on the same landing page, than you need to fill in the sale_price attribute.


Both landing page, microdata (if enabled) and data feed all must have the same exact data within 24 hours.


First you need to establish if you are offering a sales price which means the price will go back after a while, than you need to follow what @Steve B mentioned.

If you are keeping the value for a long period of time, ie not a sale than this will be the regular price.


Also check that the product > list in google merchant, if they are all approved than all is good again and it was a temp issue.

Do not follow the diagnostics tab to the letter as this area has a ton of lingering messages which will last around 30 days.


hope it helps

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