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Temporary item disapprovals due to incorrect prices

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Hello, Some of the items that i have provided had a price in our feed that was different from the one on your website. These items have been temporarily disapproved until i have updated these items with the correct information. 


One of the most common reasons for incorrect prices is the time difference between updates on your website and updates of your data on Google Shopping. This is what merchant center says,


However, i'd like to have some further info regarding so. How might the time difference affect the updates? How, in your opinion, should i behave in order to avoid the disapproved items? Should we upload our data into onefeed first, or should we change prices on our website first and then update the data into onefeed for google shopping? How much should i wait for between one task and the other? Thanks.


Regards, Alex. 

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Re: Temporary item disapprovals due to incorrect prices

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normally, only one, single, registered feed should be used for all updates --
including any and all changes, deletions, additions, or simply re-uploads.

the single feed can accommodate about 100,000 inventory items.

generally, inventory data must be submitted monthly
or immediately after any change to the website or to
physical on-hand inventory availability.

the physical inventory, the website, and all submitted data,
must always be in sync, at all times -- or as was indicated,
is otherwise a policy violation and grounds for disapproval
or suspension, at any time.

as to price changes, if a feed is being used then, one method is to
simply schedule four critical update times per day; first the feed
is prepared well in advance; then, the website is updated; then,
immediately after the update, the preprepared-feed is submitted.

if up to four scheduled re-uploads cannot accommodate either
the frequency or number of (price) changes then, the api must
be used -- rather than any data-feed file.

the api can usually be coordinated with both an inventory system
and website e-commerce system with respect to most changes.


alternatively, either a separate inventory-feed, or website-microdata

with the optional automatic-item-updates-feature, can sometimes

help in this regard -- if such changes are typically few or infrequent.

otherwise, if price or inventory changes still cannot be kept up-to-date
then, some business-models or types of items simply are not a good fit
for product-listing-ads and should not be submitted, at all -- for example,
auction-related pricing models are simply not allowed; in those cases,
there are many other campaign-types and ad-formats available that
may be a better fit for advertising certain businesses or types of items.


Re: Temporary item disapprovals due to incorrect prices

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Change the prices on the website first, than upload it to Google Merchant.

If you use an automated system, where Google fetches your data automatically. Ensure you update the prices beforehand.

For example 7am change prices. Have Google fetch a new copy at 8am.
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