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Temporary item disapprovals due to incorrect prices

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I have price mismatch issue in my site. Because Actual price will be displayed in product details page and If that product have any discount means Actual price is crossed out and new price will be displayed. In this scenerio google give error message "Temporary item disapprovals due to incorrect prices". Sample url "My page".




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Re: Temporary item disapprovals due to incorrect prices

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Hi Nagarajan,

Have you considered using automatic item updates? If your feed price doesn't match your site price, your items will be disapproved. You can re upload your fees with matching prices each time there is a price change or you can consider utilizing the auto-update feature:

Hope this helps!

Re: Temporary item disapprovals due to incorrect prices

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the price submitted to google, the (most) prominent
price displayed on the website's link landing-page,
and the default add-to-cart price, should all match
exactly, at all times.

while the auto-update feature may assist in keeping
prices up-to-date, fresh, and accurate between feed
re-uploads -- this feature does not affect the website
price display requirements.

generally, such crossed-out (less prominent)
displayed prices should never be submitted.


such price mismatches can result in item disapproval;

continued disapproval issues that remain uncorrected

can eventually trigger an account suspension and all

items removed from the program.


see also