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Taxonomy List Countries, Some missing.

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Hello all, I would like to ask if anybody knows what the excel taxonomy list is for the below countries with id's under not found. I have included the ones I found, hopefully this is helpful for other people.


Not Found


  1. Austria :
  2. Belgium NL :
  3. Belgium FR :
  4. Canada EN :
  5. Canada FR :
  6. Non of the Indian languages, I read somewhere ages ago there where a couple other than english
  7. Mexico MX :
  8. Norway Bokmal :
  9. Norway Nynorsk :




  1. Australia :
  2. Brazil :
  3. Czech Republic :
  4. Denmark :
  5. France :
  6. Germany :
  7. Italy :
  8. Japan :
  9. Netherlands :
  10. Poland :
  11. Russia :
  12. Spain :
  13. Sweden :
  14. Switzerland FR :
  15. Switzerland DE :
  16. Switzerland IT :
  17. Turkey :
  18. United Kingdom :
  19. United States :
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Re: Taxonomy List Countries, Some missing.

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Would like to know this as well.

Taxonomy List Countries, Some missing.

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maybe you have for Ukraine?

Taxonomy List Countries, Some missing.

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that mostly sounds correct, by design.

currently, only the following countries are officially
documented as supported for a specific country/language
with respect to the google_product_category attribute --
australia, brazil, france, germany, italy, netherlands, norway, sweden, turkey, united kingdom, united states

norway is under:

otherwise, all other countries may use the product_type attribute including:
argentina, austria, belgium, canada, chile, colombia, czechia, denmark, hong kong, india, indonesia, ireland, israel, japan, malaysia, mexico, new zealand, the philippines, poland, portugal, russia, saudi arabia, singapore, south africa, spain, switzerland, taiwan, thailand, ukraine, united arab emirates, vietnam

also, category-id values should be mostly universal across all target-countries.

also, google only supports certain languages in targeted-counties --
for example, google supports only english for india; other countries
may use a currently supported-language, that is not necessarily a
currently supported country for google_product_category; for example:

for most all other countries, such as ukraine, or any other country,

or country/language combinations, or scenarios, google typically

has recommended the u.s.english taxonomy, or the corresponding

category-id, for all google_product_category values submitted:

product_type may be used for more exact, supported-language, values

with respect to the physical item-offer and product-group subdivisions.


otherwise, feedback may be given directly to google.


see also