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Tax attribute for over 100 different locations

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We have taxes for over 100 different locations (about 230 locations). 


However per google's tax attribute, you can only repeat the tax attribute 100 times per item.


We have setup general taxes in the merchant center as well as used wild cards and ranges in order to have as little repeating tax attributes per product but we still have about 230. 


How can we get google to recognize all our tax attributes? Only the first 100 are being stored and the rest are being rejected. 



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Tax attribute for over 100 different locations

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It seems odd that other larger companies don't have this issue too. It wasn't until very recently that our feed was suspended.


Unfortunately simplifying our taxes isn't an option and it's disappointing to not list products. At the very least it seems that our feed should not be suspended since we are doing all we can to meet the requirements. 


I was hoping that there was a solution or someone would recognize this as an issue with Google's current business logic and re-activate our product feed until it can be resolved. 


Thanks again for your input.



Tax attribute for over 100 different locations

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about the only other option is to only set tax in the account --
and do not submit any tax attribute values for the items.

currently, google has two methods to add tax for the u.s. as a target-country --
set in the account, or a submitted per-item override using the tax attribute.

the tax_category attribute may be submitted, to help set
tax-categories within the account, for certain use-cases.

if proper tax cannot be submitted as an override, or set within the account
then, as was indicated, such items cannot be listed and should be removed

from any submitted data, to avoid a more permanent suspension; in those

cases, other campaign-types/ad-formats may be a better fit for advertising.

generally, not being able to meet the current requirements,
even if due to google's current (business-logic) limitations
is not grounds for reinstatement.

as an aside, a suspension may be for multiple issues --
check the suspension email or details in the account
for possible multiple issues triggering any suspension.

otherwise, this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum; forum-members

cannot look into any submitted data or accounts -- posting more

specific details, here in public, may sometimes allow other forum

members to offer more specific suggestions.

any account-specific reinstatement for any suspension
would usually need to come from direct communication
with a person at google -- not the public forums.

see also