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So I'm doing uploading via google sheets as i'm using a company to extract data and able to get the right attributes. Most of the time the description attribute gets pulled and works fine but sometimes when google fetches the sheets i get this error


295 ERROR: Value too long in attribute: description.


So since changing this individually would be a pain, I just copied the title and put it in the description attribute section.
I'm sure google won't mind this since title has mostly description of the item already but I think it will hurt the actual clicking of the item and or search results. 

So my question is this


1. Is what i'm referring to correct? Or am i totally off.

2. Do your clients or yourself have issue getting description filled so using a title is what they do as well? 


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(1) there is no policy issue with copying the title as the description
but the overall quality will likely suffer over time -- also, the title
should describe the physical inventory item, in that case.

alternatively, try to truncate the description to under 5000 characters;
related, remove any and all formatting, such as html, links, or any css.

(2) normally, the landing-page should show both a title -- that exactly
names the inventory-item -- and a description that describes, in detail,
exactly what the customer will receive, in terms of features, technical
specifications, and any visual attributes, of the exact inventory-item
being purchased.

if the landing-page does not have an adequate title or description,
then the best likely course would be to update the landing-page

with respect to the exact inventory item-offer being purchased,

and google's rules, specifications, and recommendations.

if the third-party company, that is being used to extract and submit
the landing-page data, is not extracting the exact landing-page data,
minus any html or formatting, to submit to google as plain-text, then
the best likely course is to contact the third-party support-organization
directly, or consider an alternative.