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Suspension with out cause?

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Hi Support, 

I am in process of setting up my first Merchant account.. So I got some help from Google rep and she informed me that I would have to fix a few issues which I did carefully.. they were changes that had to made on the product page, in particular:

Shipping price, tax, refund policy, checkout page was not secure. 

I corrected all the above submitted the merchant account via "fetch".

I then received a suspension warning for not having a return policy:


Here is the product page I have linked to in my merchant account 
Please notice Shipping, Tax, and refund policy prominently below the product image and add to cart button which goes to secure
I double checked to see if the link to the product page in my merchat account was was....
Can anyone explain this reason for suspension threat?  Did I miss something?
Thank you  Barry Sahagian
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Re: Suspension with out cause?

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first, try changing the return policy to the
return and refund policy with a few more
details, on the landing-page.

also, add a global link on the site the points to a return
and refund policy page that includes a few more details.

the return and refund policy should state explicitly at least the following:
(a) who is handling the refund -- the merchant or a specific third-party;
(b) exactly how the return and refund will be handled;
(c) the requirements of the buyer to ship any return and obtain the refund;
(d) a description of the time-line for the return and refund to occur.

then, simply resubmit the feed.

if the issue remains, simply request a manual review --

also note that, currently, the online-purchasing
seems to be combined with the shopping-cart
on the website.

a separate shopping-cart is generally required --
the add-to-cart and the on-line purchasing are
typically separate flows for most e-commerce sites.

the combined cart-and-purchase flow may not meet the policies,
or may simply be confusing and require a more careful, manual,
review by a person at google -- google is the final arbiter of all
requirements, rules, and policies.


as an aside, always check with support before making any major changes;

this is not google-support -- this is mainly a peer-to-peer community forum,

although google reads and may respond to specific posts.

see also

Re: Suspension with out cause?

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EDIT: I posted before refreshing and seeing Celebird's example, but there's great info there!


Hi Barry,


Thanks for posting to the Community. You need to make sure that you have a refund and return policy available across the site, and not only visible on a product page. I'd recommend adding a link to a page with the refund & return policy in the list of links you have at the bottom of your site.


You can then contact the AdWords team again, or request a re-review here, to remove the suspension warning. 



Re: Suspension with out cause?

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It is not only the refund policy. They are saying that there is no place to make a purchase. I will have to guess the person who did this really did not look at this.. I have brought this to a Google rep. She is going to communicate to them and try to straighten this out... my opinion is that the individual either lacked experience and or sloppy work... I will see what my rep says. There are many great employees at Google. This one may not be one of them.

Thankyou for the reply


Re: Suspension with out cause?

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I did view the two links and I do comply with both...

"Combined cart and purchase flow does not make sense to me"... I have a product page with image and description. There is an add to cart bustton that takes you to a secure check out page .. This is standard... I had an eCommerce successful business for 12 years ... This page is absolutely like most other eCommerce websites in the universe.... Product page with image, price, description and button for add to cart going to secure checkout. Did you see this? Google did not obviously.. they are claiming there is no way to order.

As far as the refund policy, I have stated A - D as you have listed on my refund policy. They also claimed there was noway to make a purchase. You have seen the cart...I believe this is a case of bad judgement and sloppy work of the Google employee who made this claim In opinion.

But I do thank you for the help.

Barry Sahagian

Re: Suspension with out cause?

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One more observation.. I believe from over 12 years of experience of owning an eCommerce business and experience in Google Adwords since 2004.
I get the distinct feeling that the employees who make these policy decisions may on the entry level of the Google employee food chain.. I could be wrong about this and in no way stereotype them but this is the feeling I get from other issues I have in past.. It has improved in past years... You jut have to deal with this... after all we all have been in this early learning stage at one time...


Re: Suspension with out cause?

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first, you're welcome.

just a note that product-listing-ads have slightly different
and additional rules and policies than other ad-formats.

the landing-page looks to be meeting the policies.

however, the add-to-cart button typically adds the
item to a shopping-cart with a checkout-button
to a separate payment-flow; as opposed to a
more integrated shopping-cart with a payment
processing flow -- that may be the issue.

be certain there is also a separate global
link to the refund and return policy page.

the best likely course would be to continue
working with a support specialist at google --
forum members can mainly offer suggestions
based on the information posted here within
the public forums,

Marked as Best Answer.
Accepted by topic author Barry S
November 2015

Re: Suspension with out cause?

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I agree that it would be a better idea with the global page for refund and return \. The shopping cart is not the issue The fact that the cart and the billing info on the same page as long as the page is secure, which it is.
The whole issue of which I am quite sure but not confirmed is that the employees for the Policy department in Google may be a training type of situation with a supervisor over looking or something..

On a previous attempt to correct an error of tax, I was told that I had to put a tax on the product for all customers. I had to explain to them in the US, you can not charge tax to a customer out side of your state. I directed them to SBA website that confirmed this.... so they let up on this issue and came up with current. We are dealing with eager rookies learning the ropes and finding policy violations to do a good job... so be it. You have to jump though training hoops for the the new employees...This only a theory, but life experience makes me believe this to be a real possibility .. Once again thank you for the input .. The global thing is a good idea, I guess I used this in the past.
When this is resolved.. I promise to post the results for the benefit of others



Re: Suspension with out cause?

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So I promised to make a final reply on is is all the above were no issues in the first place and after I took time to argue and point this out they see to disappear.. There were other issues that were minor and clearly noted and I took care of them right away... It just disturbs me that the policy admin in Google makes claims that are unfounded and they just direct your to a page with a dozen possible errors that you may have made... the go ahead and figure it out your self..instead of clearly pointing out the issue and in this case two of the items were clearly not violations but you still have to jump though hoops to get it fixed... I have seen this many times over the years and it has gotten better...but for now it is just one of those inconvient things you just have to deal with.. so my advice jump though the hoops... one of these days they will get a better system... good luck all and thanks for the support

Re: Suspension with out cause?

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first, that sounds like good news and thank you for the update.

generally, the rules and policies indicated in the help articles is typically
what is expected to be implemented -- while there is usually some leeway
with respect to specific implementations, any deviation can trigger a flag
that must either be corrected if there is an obvious violation or, discussed
with the support-team to clarify the details.

the closer the implementation on the website is to the indicated
policies the less likely it is to trigger a policy violation flag --
such as, return and refund policy, no online purchasing means, etc.

to help avoid the scenario, the inconvenience of having to go through
the support-team, a global link to a separate return and refund page with
the four return-and-refund details and a separate shopping-cart on the
website with a link to a secure checkout where all user data-collection
takes place, are best-practices with respect to those specific policies.

in this case, since there seemed to be only the clarification needed,
with respect to triggering those specific policy flags, it would simply
be nice to know what the additional, seeming unrelated --
"other issues that were minor and clearly noted"
were, with some level of detail.

regardless, thank you again for taking the time to pen the detailed update.