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Suitable Google Product Category for Drones

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We are submitting products to a Google Merchant Account via an XML feed. In order to optimize the performance of the products in ads, we would like to also submit the appropriate Google Product Category that every product belongs to.


Now I have a dilemma I hope someone can advise me on:  Among other photographic products, we also sell drones such as the DJI Mavic and the GoPro Karma and accessories for those drones.  I have downloaded the entire Google Product Category Taxonomy, yet I couldn't find any category suitable for these types of products. A search in the taxonomy for "drone" or "quadcopter" reveals nothing at all.  I have figured that drones are unique enough and have been on the market long enough to justify their own category by now, yet there is none.


Can anyone advise on this?  Am I missing something?  Is it yet to be added and if so, when?



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Suitable Google Product Category for Drones

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Good question.

I would suggest the following, the top being the recommended from my perspective.


3554 - Toys & Games > Toys > Remote Control Toys > Remote Control Helicopters

1261 - Toys & Games > Toys > Flying Toys

2505 - Toys & Games > Toys > Play Vehicles

Hope it helps

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Suitable Google Product Category for Drones

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Thank you for your recommendation, Emmanuel.  Except, the only problem is these are not exactly toys. Yes, some people use them as toys, but in fact, they are professional photographic and videography gear in a sense. It would be great if there could be a category specifically for drones that could represent them in such way. The category "remote control helicopters" is a total misrepresentation of what drones are and what they are used for. There is a major difference between drones and helicopters. I know it's the closest option to a drone available right now, but still pretty inaccurate. I simply thought Google would have addressed this shortcoming by now.

Suitable Google Product Category for Drones

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The categories Google uses are an international standard and rarely get changed. The last time this was updated was in 2015.

There is not much you can do about it and try to use a category that best fit your product. Remember every merchant has the same category choices as you do.

Also note that you can use the product type to provide your own categories, to provide additional info.

I recommend you send Google feedback as this is a community forum where people like you help other people.


Hope it helps.

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Suitable Google Product Category for Drones

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Emmanuel, sorry, please do not take offence. I didn't mean to say your recommendation is not good. I merely meant that I feel the Google taxonomy is outdated since drones are in fact a unique type of product and cannot be accurately represented by any category currently on the list.


I am also not complaining about the fact that I do not have proper choices and other merchants do - I know they have the same choices. It is not about the injustice. It is about the fact that something as mainstream yet unique as drones and drone accessories, are not represented by Google's taxonomy. One would think that such a list would be extended more often than every 3 years (and yet drones have been around even before 2015).


Anyways, as you say, one could rant about it all day and yet not be able to do much about it. It only frustrates me that this was Google's idea to "offer better performance" to your ads and yet they fail to include the proper classification choices of a fairly common type of product.


Well, the initial idea of this post was to find out whether I was missing something or maybe downloaded an old taxonomy or something. But you have helped me understand that is not the case and the truth is such an option does not exist yet. Thank you. I will send them feedback as you suggested, but I will probably be wasting my time anyways. So let's continue to classify drones as "helicopters" and electric cars as "golf carts".


Thank you for your help though.

Re: Suitable Google Product Category for Drones

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currently, google_product_category is not required except for physical
item-offers that are classified as apparel, media, or video-game software.

not submitting a category that best describes the product, or choosing
a category that is not based on the product’s main function, is a policy
violation and grounds for a disapproval, or items being removed from

the auctions, at any time.

generally, submitting an irrelevant google_product_category value
for a physical item-offer is worse than not submitting a value.

if a google-defined google_product_category value, even a high-level value,
cannot properly classify a physical item, simply do not submit any value,
at all -- then, submit the product_type attribute with a relevant category,
for the physical item, using standard > breadcrumbs;

remote control aircraft > multi-rotor drones > quadcopters
industrial and scientific > robotics > unmanned aerial vehicles
electronics > cameras > video > quadcopters and accessories > quadcopters

feedback concerning google's outdated taxonomy or lack of an appropriate,
relevant, taxonomy value, for specific types of products, that cannot be
accurately represented by any category currently on google's defined list,
may also be submitted directly to google as a product defect/complaint --


Suitable Google Product Category for Drones

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Thank you Celebird. That does help too. I am aware that the google product category is not a required attribute for all products, but it is said that it will help improve ad performance and accuracy. It is also a highly recommended attribute in Facebook's product catalog feed (yes, Facebook also makes use of the google_product_category to improve ad delivery and performance). So naturally we want to submit as many as possible.


I will submit feedback to Google too. Thank you for the link.


Suitable Google Product Category for Drones

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first, you're welcome.

yes, if the google_product_category is relevant for the physical item-offer,
and is submitted, that value may help improve ad-performance and accuracy,
and may improve ad-delivery and performance -- submitting a relevant value
is certainly highly recommended.

however, if the google_product_category is irrelevant for a physical item-offer,
and is submitted, that value may harm ad-performance, result in inaccurate and
irrelevant impressions and irrelevant clicks, and may prevent ad-delivery while
reducing performance over time -- submitting any irrelevant value is usually
not recommended, at all -- rather than submitting any such irrelevant value, a
best-practice to not submit any value, whatsoever, for google_product_category
and submit product_type with a relevant value.

of course, relevant values for both product_type
and google_product_category may also be submitted.

google uses both product_type and google_product_category values to help
classify physical items during searches, are both indexed for search, and
both attributes may also be used to subdivide items into product-groups
to help implement bidding-strategies for the ad-auctions.

most drone-relate items seem to use product_type
with a taxonomy/category breadcrumb that includes --
remote control aircraft

as was indicated, a relevant value for google_product_category, for most such
drone-related items, that is currently available, and may be submitted is likely:
Toys & Games > Toys > Remote Control Toys
if an exact value does not exist, a relevant high-level value is usually best.

then, include airplane, drone, helicopter, quadcopter, or similar
detail, in the title and description, as the exact type of craft or

related accessory.