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Suggestion for improving Google Shopping product - Add Item Group Id

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We have consistently found improved performance across product variants when targeting by parent product rather than child i.e. If a shoe is sold in 10 colors and 10 sizes, this would result in 100 unique SKUs from the same parent. Many retailers are already mapping parent id's to the item_group_id attribute in the feed, however this is not a usable targeting criterion in AdWords. It would be great if it were added to allow for product family targeting, similar to how Item ID allows for SKU-level targeting. 



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Re: Suggestion for improving Google Shopping product - Add Item Group

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Hey Matt,

I see the same thing on my account, I'm glad others are seeing this as well! What we have done to get around the lack of having parentID as a sub-division field is append the parentID to the end of the Product Type field in our product feed. We use Product Type to create our product group structure and adding parentID as the last node in the field allows us to segment down to that product's parentID.

This is an alright solution although it can be a bit tedious to find certain products when they live deep within a certain product taxonomy. Another thing we have tried is making the Product Type field just the parentID. We then use a Custom Label for our custom product taxonomy, although you are limited to 1000 unique values. The only concern of this method is that Product Type may be used to help rank and match products to queries however we haven't seen a negative impact using this strategy.

Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Rising Star, LinkedIn
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