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Suggestion: Show All Internet Store Items under Google Shopping Items

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Sorry I could not find a suggestions forum for this Suggestion.
Under google shopping items provided by verified datasheets, you should use a smart algorithm to list all products from every online store and have country setting, etc. Google shopping currently shows maybe less than 10 percent of items on the internet!; should be more like google image search and show all. 
This idea I had some time ago, I can't find the text but I actually wrote about the algorithm you should use, Maybe because my job it to customize online stores for businesses. I had this idea after seeing all the restrictions Google Shopping employs. My algorithm also had a report button system to make it easy to get rid of false item, and other ideas.  

Has google Shopping ever tried something like this?  if so did they make it hard for people so to get only products on google that web designers want to put on google shopping with datasheet filled in with info small shops never provide and need to work on just for google shopping. 
I think Google News and Google Shopping should both have suggestions category, as both can be improved greatly. I doubt funding from advertising on the two would be a problem for improvements. I wonder where they get their updates done as they seem a bit stagnant.  

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Re: Suggestion: Show All Internet Store Items under Google Shopping It

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Hi Michael,
The immediate problems that I see whit this is that shopping is not available in every country. Very few actually. Also, your way does not maximize profit (competitors bidding against each other) for Google.

Google is a private, for profit entity. I have no doubt that the way they are losing products is the way they want it.

I'd imagine that if you think there's a better way, you'd have to join Google or set up your own, better, shopping experience and even on patent it so Google can see/buy your idea if it suits them.

Either way, this really isn't the best platform to suggest algorithm and core business change ideas.

Sorry I can't be of more help.