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Submitting feed with different Ids...Best Practices

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Hi guys


I have a question for a client who decided to change all his item's id


he wants basically to keep the same products but just renaming all Item's id


what would be the best way to deal with this please?


I already informed them that Google will not process the feed immediately and might take up to 5 days before all products are indexed


However, I was thinking if we cannot simply create a new feed with the new ids and once the new products are showing in Shopping and Adwords, then disabling the old feed?


Would that be possible? Or is there a better way to deal with this


Thanks in advance for your help



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Re: Submitting feed with different Ids...Best Practices

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generally, never delete a feed unless a person at google indicates to do so.


simply use the same, single, registered feed for all updates --

a new feed should usually be created only if the feed type

(xml or txt tab-delimited) is changed or the physical inventory

submitted exceeds 100,000 items or so.


id should normally never be changed once assigned to a physical inventory item.


best-practices for changing all id values include:


(a) use the same registered feed for the update.


(b) use a mix of letters and numbers for the id value;


if possible, prepare the updated feed offline,
well in advance of submitting the update --
then, immediately before resubmitting the feed,

update the remaining feed data with the website.


do not reuse an existing id value for any other inventory item.


(c) carefully inspect all shopping-campaign details to be certain that
id attributes are not being used to implement any product-group bid
strategies -- otherwise, the shopping-campaigns will also need to be
updated immediately before the updated feed is re-submitted.


(d) resubmit the current feed with zero items --
keep only the header for a tab-delimited feed or
keep only the header and footer for an xml feed.


(e) wait until all items have been removed from

the merchant-center's products-list-tab; typically,

about 72-hours or so after the zero-item resubmit.


(f) then, and only then, simply re-submit the same registered
feed containing the updates with the new id attribute values --
consider never changing the id values again.


importantly perhaps, note that any change to any id value will necessarily
trigger a re-review of the data, images, website and the business -- that

may take a few days or so;  a change to id's also triggers all historic data

to be lost, including quality related information, which typically triggers all

items to lose their quality standing within the  ad-auctions -- that may take

a few days, weeks, or months, of potential recovery time.


otherwise, a merchant-center shopping-ad support-specialist
at google may be contacted for account-specific guidance: